UCD Students face disciplinary action after Enda Kenny egging

Following the events on 29th of November, where eggs were thrown at Enda Kenny whilst he opened UCD’s Student Centre, 3 students have learned that they are facing a preliminary hearing (a precursor to disciplinary action). Unfortunately, the eggs missed their intended target, and VP for Students Martin Butler was inadvertently hit. Three students who…

An Open Letter to UCDSU

To my Students’ Union, I am writing you this letter  to explain my motives for ‘attacking’ Enda Kenny yesterday. I hope you will excuse my terrible writing, but I feel that I have the right to explain, if not defend my actions. I realise that more than likely I am in the minority of students….

Egg-citement as Enda Kenny opens UCD’s student centre

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was invited to open the new UCD Centre and Sports Complex. Students from Free Education for Everyone (FEE) and Socialist Workers Student Society (SWSS) were abhorred at the willing and enthusiastic invitation of the leader of government that is actively attempting to increase the registration fee and cut the grant.   Vulnerable…

Fine Gael – Protecting Children?

Fine Gael and their government cronies in the Labour Party have made quite a big deal about the upcoming Children’s Rights Referendum, and their staunch advocacy of it. While we agree that it is essential that children’s rights be protected, we feel it is also essential to highlight the hypocrisy present in a government claiming…

Angry students slam grant blackmail threat

household tax

17th September 2012 Student anti-cuts group Free Education for Everyone (FEE) has slammed Clare County Council for demanding that an Ennis woman provide proof of payment of the household charge before they release her college grant. The woman, an activist with the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes, is a tenant and not personally liable…

Student Loans; Students’ Difficulty is Bank of Ireland’s Opportunity

Bank of Ireland has introduced a student loan scheme to cover the cost of the Student Contribution Charge that is due to be taken up by 25 third level institutions. This scheme has been introduced under the auspices of easing financial stress of students. In reality, the scheme is simply a money-making venture by the bank, recruiting customers to yield future profit.

Victory for Quebec students

Students and their supporters throughout the Canadian province of Quebec are celebrating the ousting of Liberal Premier Jean Charest, the promise of the withdrawal of Bill 78 and most importantly the freeze in tuition fees. This victory comes after six months of student strike involving more than 190 000 students.

Kerry’s “Entrepreneurial” Spirit and the Dangers of “Market Based” Education.

Over the last couple of academic terms with the increasing uncertainly in the future of the country’s economy, a certain amount of pressure has been put on third level colleges to introduce more business related courses in non-business related degrees.  Programmes such as “Enterprise Finance”, “Entrepreneurship & Growing Business” and “Building Personal Investment Portfolios” (!)…

Angry students slam debt incursion scheme

Leading student anti-cuts group Free Education for Everyone (FEE) has attacked Dublin City University’s decision to agree a student fees loan deal with the Bank of Ireland, the third such Irish Third Level body to do so. A further 15 third level institutions are set to also embrace similar loan schemes, with Dublin Institute of Technology expected to announce its involvement later next week. NUI Galway Postgraduate History student Gerard Madden said: ‘This represents yet another example of the neo-liberal assault on Irish education, with corporate interests yet again infringing on Third Level in a wholly disastrous fashion for students.”

USI Officers trained by enemies of the Free Education movement

In what should be seen as a surprise, but has become the norm these days, the incoming officers of the USI and all the constituent SUs around the country attended their training on Sunday the 15th of July with Mary O’Rourke in attendance as one of the speakers. Mary O’Rourke, also known as “Mammy Fianna Fail” has…