Clondalkin student leader threatened with expulsion over walkout

Shane Donnelly

Call for messages of suppot to school to stop expulsion.

Approx 100, mainly 5th and 6th year students from two secondary schools in Clondalkin (Coláiste Bríde and Moyle Park College) took part in a walk out on budget day against the cutbacks in education and increased college fees.

The students gathered in front of the office of John Curran TD in Clondalkin village and got a lot of support from passing cars and pedestrians.

Since then, Shane Donnelly, one of the leaders of the walk out has been suspended from school pending a board of management meeting later this week which will discuss and decide on his expulsion.

Shane commented: “They said they wanted to expel me because I have supposedly wrecked the school’s reputation but in fact it is the actions of the principal that will be seen as damaging for the school”

Emma Beckett added: “There is no way we will just stand by and let them expel Shane. All he did was to stand up for his rights and speak out against the cuts. We will support Shane and fight against his threatened expulsion. It is an absolute disgrace that the school thinks they can get away with this, he’s in his last year and due to sit his Christmas exams starting next Friday! They are threatening his education.”

Shane Donnelly said ”The School were implying young people don’t care about cutbacks, they wont even bother marching to Finna Fail’s office they’ll just go home. However the Moyle Park students who did walk out of school attended the protest at the local Finna Fail office along with students from Coláiste Bríde and stood around for well over 3 hours chanting and making speech’s about cutbacks in education. This shows that most young people really do care about education cuts.”

The group has called for school students across the country as well as parents and staff to support their campaign against the budget attacks and support their efforts to prevent Shane Donnelly from being expelled by contacting the principal and board of management of Moyle Park College to show their opposition to the expulsion.

For more information contact: Shane Donnelly 0858217234

People are being encouraged to make, phone calls to the school stating their outrage at this injustice.

Moyle Park College, Clondalkin,
Dublin 22, Ireland.
Phone: (01)4574837

A facebook group has been set up to support Shane here.

Shane can be seen speaking at a protest against the budget, 8 minutes into the video below:

United Left Alliance Rally – Dublin – Budget Day Protest

Solidarity with Shane Donnelly

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  1. Eddie

    The number of the school is (01)4574837 – you're missing the '7' on the end!


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