Maynooth students protest at office of Aine Brady T.D

Today students from NUI Maynooth staged a picket at the office of Aine Brady T.D. The protest was organised by the Free Education for Everyone (FEE) campaign, who were also involved in the Castlebar secondary level walkouts.

Between 150 and 200 students gathered at the office of the Fianna Fail T.D to protest against education cuts, increased registration fees and unfair social welfare cutbacks. Many of the students carried placards proclaiming their support of the Clondalkin and Castlebar secondary school walkouts. The students were joined by numerous members of academic staff at Maynooth, and members of the local community and secondary school.

Aine Brady’s Maynooth office is located within a property dealership. This encapsulates the corrupt relationship between Fianna Fail and the property market.

Lorcan Myles, an activist with the FEE campaign, promised an intensification of local activity across the country. “If USI will not bring Irish students onto the streets in opposition to austerity cuts, then students must organise among themselves on a grassroots basis. We need to mount a serious and sustained fightback against all cuts which hurt the quality of life of ordinary working people” he noted.

The FEE campaign is proud to stand by the students who have staged walkouts at secondary level. Myles noted that such examples of student resistance are inspiring and that Clondalkin and Castlebar have shown the way forward for the broader student movement.

FEE NUI Maynooth have stated that they will continue their campaign against cutbacks both on and off campus. The Brady’s decided to close their property dealership for the duration of the picket, while GardaĆ­ had a heavy presence on the ground.

To get involved with Free Education for Everyone, email, or use our contact form.

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