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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The “S” series of audio and power transformers and reactors, designed datsheet ally for ham and PA service, are completely matched for compatibility in constructing a rig. These are popular priced units which afford the ham the full datashheet of UTC’s established excellence for quality components coupled with high reliability.

H- 0S, The phone is 60S- fiS Receiver Front End Protection. Make a vacation pay Operation Deep Freeze. Hqw to put a man down The R F Patch . Converting the TA Jr. A new approach to stuoytng theory.

2N NTE Equivalent NTE TRANSISTOR NPN SILICO – Wholesale Electronics

These ads all end with the question, “Do you smoke? Now, I am not going to give you any lectures on smoking, since I use the filthy weed myself. I merely use this to illustrate a problem we have in ham radio.

About a month ago, I was at a luncheon meeting where an ARRL Division Director loudly complained about the terrible oper- ating habits of the newcomers to ham ra- dio. He droned on and on about how the newcomers were ruining our chances for frequency allocations and are to blame for all our troubles in amateur radio today.

I can’t help thinking that as the child learns from his parents, so the newcomer learns from the old-timers. It is the obligation of each ham to see that his operation on the air is comteous, legal, datzsheet within the bounds of good manners. This is not too difficult, but we should datasneet remember that someone new wiU be learn- ing from us.

An exchange of ideas by speech, writing or signals. Note that it says ideas. Listening to the average QSO on the air, I get the feeling dtaasheet thwe is little com- munication going on. There is no set formula for getting a QSO going on an exchange of ideas, but we should try to toss out some tidbit to begin a stimulating exchange- Granted, there are some who are not interested in communicating and nothing you wiU say gain more than “By the way, what’s the rig on that end”.

However, with the majority a leading question like ‘What is your oc- cupation?

The exchange of ideas is especially re- warding in a QSO with a station from an- other country. But the less exotic DX is usually dafasheet only willing, but eager to talk, not only about rigs and antennas, but about themselves and their families. Tliey will answer ques- tions you may have about their way of life, and furnish the opportunity to travel while sitting in the ham shack.

The most reward- ing part of this kind of communication is the friendships which often develop and grow over many years. 2nn3643 communicating once in a while and your enjoyment of ham radio mav increase. Having spent the past month searching the files to see just what interested articles are available for future issues, I would like to call for authors to produce.

For the past year, there has been a lax policy about prompt payment of authors. The system goes like this: You send in an article for our consideration.

If, in my judgment, it is suitable for 73, I will write you a letter accepting it and telling you how much your payment will be. As soon as you accept my offer of payment, a check will be sent to dstasheet and your article will be processed for publication as qmckly as pos- sible. At the moment we need VHF articles. The magazine has neglected the VHF angle for the past year and the files are bare. Of most interest would be construction ar- ticles using ICs, No conversions or modifi- cations of commercial gear, please, unless they are really unusual and have the ap- proval of the manufacturer.


Commercial equipment reviews will usually be rejected unless you are well known to us and have done writing for us before. Shipping and postage inside U. Use special EX order card to speed delivery. You may order direct from ad. We will send you a supply of cards for future orders. Fill out both sides of card.

We have our iimateur radio frequencies not, as so many amateurs believe, as a gift from the FCC, but as the result of the ITU agree- ment between countries. Most of those ITU member cotmtries are on record as being oflBcially in favor of cutting our amateur bands and, if they are ever given the chance, it is quite likely that datashest will come out of the conference badly pruned.

Time is on our side. Technical develop- ments will eventually relieve the pressure on our bands as other services change over to cables and satellite commmii cations. This may be in the near future here in our country, but it is still further off than most other countries can see.

So, in the mean- while, we will continue to exist as long as a new ITU conference can be stalled off. Amateur radio has friends in high places in the ITU and in many foreign govern- ments.

An understanding of the long range benefits of amateur radio is gradually be- coming more evident in many countries.

The Interadio editorial says, “There dqtasheet one thing going on in the amateur world today that bids fair 2n36443 cancel out all our attempts to popularize and publicize amateur radio with the world’s radio Administrations.

Some amatemSj on DXpeditions, have been using call signs that they themselves in- vented for the purpose and which are reg- istered nowhere officially. These prefixes are absolutely illegal and I am surprised that the FCC has not taken action to reprimand Miller for his flagrant breaking of inter- national law, I am also disappointed in the ARRL for giving credit for some of the op- erations using these illegal call signs.

Perhaps CQ wiU also reconsider their datasheeet cision to champion this man who is such an intern ationa! Per- haps they will also name a new winner for their DX contest, which Miller supposedly won from Minerva Reef using the made up 1M4 call.

2N 데이터시트(PDF) – New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.

Those of you who enjoy doing a little research will be interested in com- paring the Miller pictures and description of Datasheef Reef with the book Minerva Beef by Olaf Ruhen published in by little. After reading the book one wonders fust what Datasheeet Reef M0er visited. Well, enough about Miller, I think he has been grounded by the DX fraternity.

The harm that he has done is incalculable. This means that aU of us are going to have to work that much harder if we are going to see amateur radio through the hard days ahead.

And there is much that we can do. While not many of us are in the position where we can go traveling around the world talking with the radio Administrations in the foreign countries, selling the benefits of amateur radio to them, we are in a pos- ition to get on the air and see that amateur radio puts its best foot forward to the world.

All of us have a clear responsibility to keep our bands as clean as we can. You might think that we would finally reach the point of leaving well enough alone, but with some 18 licensed hams in the engineering, sales and production departments of our organization, it just isn’t possible.

Further refinement of the famous Swan VFO results in even greater mechanical and thermal stability and more precise dial calibration. Custom made planetary drives, ma- chined to extremely cfose tolerance, provide velvet smooth tuning. The C retains the same superior selectivity, of course, that we have been offering. The filter is made specially for us by C-F Networks, and it’s no secret that it is a better filter than is being offered in any other trans- ceiver today.


By moving the LP. These improvements, coupled with additional TVI filtering, result in what we believe is the cleanest transceiver on the market.

For the CW operator the C includes a bui! Thus, the model VX-2 now fulfills a dual function, both auto- matic voice control and break-in CW keying.

New Jersey Semiconductor

Grid block keying of a pure CW carrier is employed with off set trans- mit frequency. The C embodies the Swan’s well known dedication to craftsmanship, performance and reliability, with a serv- ice policy second to none. The writer has 2n363 no appreciable difference, per- formance wise, but local availability has sometimes dictated choice.

Physically, they are 2n36443 size of a quarter watt carbon resistor for the Varicap and a top hat rectifier look a-like for the Semicap. We have in mind mechanical sweep mechanism, or saturated choke inductors such as are used in sweep signal generators or similar instru- ments calling for frequency modulation. The fre- quency change, due to the audio voltage, appears to be datawheet over a fairly datashee fre- quency deviation from resting or center fre- quency.

AUOIO rt, “i 5 3. I, Capacitor microphone frequency modulator Fig, 2, Basic varicap frequency modulator. C, as a modulator is possibly the nearest thing to the classical example so often described dqtasheet textbot ks; wherein 2b3643 tank coil of an oscillator is shunted with a capacitor microphone; and where the minute capacity variations of the microphone, when spolcen into, add to or subtract from the total static capacity across the oscillator’s tank coil and in this manner produces Direct frequency modulation.

A seemingly simple idea which never did work out well in practice. The only restriction a V. For a better understanding of the slope detection method. This conversion results from the unequal re- sponse above and below the carriers center frequency at point B on the curve. This available voltage can be fed to the regular AM detector where the original FM audio will be recovered.

Datssheet actual re- ceiving conditions, this would manifest itself as a big carrier indication on the S meter with practically no audio, and the receiving station would report the NBFM transmitters signal in these terms.

Hints and circuits can be found in the ARRL handbook in the chapter on specialized com- munication systems. To the readers who may question the effectiveness of slope detection, it can be stated that the signal strength thus received is about one quarter df an equivalent AM signal.

It should be remembered how- ever, that the Datashet signal in nearly all cases is received at a percent modulation levels especially if the FM signal bandwidtfi match- es the receivers. The battery operation in Fig.


C, the nominal capacity of the V. The cost of a good AM modulator for a kilowatt rig could be prohibitive for a fellow with a thin 2n36443. The 2h3643 of complete NBF modulator including a microphone amplifier need not be more than the price of a single medium power AM modulator tube. Although very low in cost, the NBF modulator has the built-in capability to produce percent modulation for any transmitter from 1 to a thousand watts and at full CW ratings as previously stated.

The total space required for the NBF modulator and pre-amp as shown in Fig, 6 is less tlian a matchbox and the total weight less than 3 ounces with no power wasting or heat producing components datashert its circuitry.

To acquaint those readers who may have had Httle or no experience wdth frequency modulation of the direct type, a basic V. C, circuit is shown in Fig. The oscillator to be frequency modulated may be of any standard design and the V.