The Rosemount temperature transmitter reduces maintenance and downtime, improves the usage of your limited resources, and meets regulatory. Rosemount P • Industry-leading temperature transmitter delivers unmatched field reliability and innovative process measurement. Shop for the Rosemount P Temperature Transmitter and other Temperature Transmitters / Transducers at Instrumart.

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Rosemount P Temperature Transmitter | Haygor Instrument & Company, Inc.

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The Rosemount P Temperature Transmitter is the industry leader when it comes to transmitting temperatures used in critical control and safety applications.

With the capability to accept either single-sensor or dual-sensor inputs, it performs with top-of-the-line accuracy, stability, and reliability.

The dual sensor input function affords the Roosemount P Temperature Transmitter the ability to accept simultaneous input from two independent sensors, enabling measurement of differential temperatures, averaging temperature or redundant temperature.


Local indication of temperature measurement and diagnostics provides immediate and accurate verification of process conditions.

It can also be configured for a variety of sensor inputs including:. If one sensor drifts, causing the differential of the sensors to increase to a level that exceeds defined limits, the user is alerted of an unreliable measurement. Third party validated metrics are available for the P. Testing done per IEC for safety instrumented systems.

Rosemount P Temperature Transmitters indicate sensor failure and offer diagnostics that provide continuous measurement status good, bad, or uncertain.

Rosemount P Temperature Transmitter | Emerson US

Both transmitters provide performance information to AMS. Your email address will not be published. Need help with something not listed on our website?

Let me give you a quote for exactly what you need. Rosemount P Temperature Transmitter. It can also be configured for a variety of sensor inputs including: Rosemount TransmittersTransmitters.

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