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Real Knowledge From Keypas People. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? SMF – Just Installed! Hi, I meypad someone can help. It has a keypad plus another keypad ? I accidentally caused the system control panel?

I know exactly what I did, and can explain that if it’s helpful. The system appeared to complete the boot? He told me to remove both the AC and battery power, to cause the system to reset. I did that, twice, and each time it goes right back to this same place. About me – I am not an alarm system professional, just a home owner. However, I was a Systems Programmer for over 30 years, so I am reasonably technically savvy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. How long have you let the panel sit and wait after powerup?

Let that go, and go find yourself a nice frosty drink or coffee and walk away for a few minutes Also keep in mind after the panel boots up and the loads, you will need to set the panel’s real time clock. Thanks for your reply.


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The last time, I let it sit for 6 hours, and still no change. October 28, While I’ve never seen what you’re describing happen before with that unit outside of the initial power krypad or when it sees programming changes, I’m sure it’s possible.

Give some more info as to what you did. Hi Dave, Thanks again for responding. I was just doing displays.

Keypad Problems

Suddenly it booted the computer, and keyoad was it. Then I remove power, both AC and battery, as instructed by my installer, and re-apply power, and it boots back to the same place. Might be a DOA unit, I’ve seen units act strange, but since it’s a fresh install, I’d tell your guy you want a new unit.

TheGuad Security Pro Posts: So every time the panel is reset you have to reset the clock on the ? Is that an expected behavior? I was wondering why the clock would reset itself every few weeks I’m not sure what you’re referring to with your post, since the original poster was describing the ‘boot’ screen the comes up with when first powered up.

Just FYI, my installer did replace the Keypad, and all seems well now. Did you ever find a solution to that problem?? I have a that is doing the exact same thing. Yes, as I indicated in my last post, the installer had to replace the keypad.


I am having this same problem. If you found out anything I could use the help. Has ketpad found a solution to this problem. The system I have loaded up fine, but now shows the same problem. It starts loading and shows Reset and hangs. Yep, add me to the list of users who have locked keypads. This has got to be a firmware thing.

There are too many people here having this issue to be a “one time DOA. There has to be a way to flash the firmware, I saw a little slot on the back of the keypad that looks like a SD reader.

Honeywell Ademco 6270 Touch Screen Keypad

Any dealers hear keupad this? October 27, Thanks, Ron Logged dave Guest Re: Logged yrdw Member Posts: October 29, Give some more info as to what you did Logged yrdw Member Posts: October 30, Logged dave Guest Re: Thanks for your help. November 16, Logged xmalice Member Posts: March 16, Logged DonavanC4 Member Posts: March keypda, Logged leviathon51 Member Posts: July 09, Logged shermaniiv Gold Member Posts: October 18, ,