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Find great deals for Siemens 6ES7 BFAB0 Processor/Controller. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Estimated Lead Time: Working Day. Manufacturer: Siemens. 6ES 5BFAB0 has been upgrade to 6ESBGAB0. *** SPARE PART***. Image representative of range. Technical Reference. 6ESBFAB0 Product Data Sheet. Legislation and Compliance. RoHS Status: Not Applicable.

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Net weight per QU. Minimum ordering quantity per QU. Customer-specific product, cannot be returned. Factory-stocked standard product, can be returned within return period.

Miniature circuit breaker, type C; min. Current consumption rated value. Current consumption in no-load operationtyp. Yes; Guaranteed by MMC maintenance-free.

Yes; Program and data. Number of blocks total. Counters, timers and their retentivity. Unlimited limited only by RAM capacity.

Data areas and their retentivity. Yes; MB 0 0a0 MB Yes; via non-retain property on DB. Default addresses of the integrated channels. Number of expansion units, max. Number of DP masters. Number of operable FMs and CPs recommended.


Clock continues to run with the time at which the power failure occurred.

6ESBFAB0 | Compact CPUC

Yes; Must be restarted at each restart. Number of digital inputs. Input characteristic curve in accordance with IECtype 1. Number of simultaneously controllable inputs. Input delay for rated value of input voltage.

Please note that under certain circumstances your newly set filter time may not be effective until the next filter cycle. Number of digital outputs. You cannot connect the fast outputs of your CPU in parallel. Limitation of inductive shutdown voltage to. Controlling a digital input.

Switching capacity of the outputs. Parallel switching of two outputs. Total current of the outputs per group.

Number of analog 5vf03. No-load voltage for resistance-type transmitter, typ. Constant measurement current for resistance-type transmitter, typ.

Technical unit for temperature measurement adjustable. Input ranges rated valuesvoltages. Input ranges rated valuescurrents.

Siemens 6ES73135BF030AB0

Input ranges rated valuesresistance thermometer. Input ranges rated valuesresistors. Number of analog outputs. Voltage output, short-circuit protection. Voltage output, short-circuit current, max. Current output, no-load voltage, max. Yes; Without compensation of the line 0ag0. Load impedance in rated range of output.

Destruction limits against externally applied voltages and currents. Analog value generation for the inputs. Actual value encryption successive approximation. Analog value generation for the outputs. Connection of signal encoders. Yes; with external supply. Crosstalk between the inputs, min. Crosstalk between the outputs, min. Operational error limit in overall temperature range.


Number of industrial Ethernet interfaces. Number of RS interfaces. Integrated RS interface. Power supply to interface 15 to 30 6fs7313 DCmax. Yes; Only server, configured on one side. No; but via CP and loadable FB. Yes; via CP and loadable FC. Number of login stations for message functions, max. Yes; Up to 2 simultaneously. Inputs, outputs, memory bits, DB, times, counters.

Yes; From 10 to Counting frequency counter max. Number of frequency meters. Number of pulse outputs. Potential separation digital inputs. Potential separation digital outputs. Potential separation analog inputs.

Potential separation analog outputs. Ambient temperature during operation. Yes; With S7 block Privacy.