AE[edit]. 5 Speed Automatic Transmission. I6 and V8 versions similar. However V8 versions have slight internal upgrades to handle. One of the most common misconceptions about the IS (and other cars that share the 5 speed Lexus automatic) is its ability to handle some. AE AT (RMU). TERMS. ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL. Abbreviations. Meaning. A/T. Automatic Transmission. ATF. Automatic Transmission.

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Three Possible Problems You May Experience With The A650E Automatic Transmission

Posted by Regis on Wednesday, June 26th, The AE is a five speed automatic transmission made by Toyota and used exclusively in Lexus vehicles. It has transmissjon very steep first gear ratio of 3. It was first used in and remained in production through the model year. Although Toyota makes excellent products, here are a couple of areas where the Transmisssion that may suffer problems. No lock up of the torque converter clutch.

Believe it or not, tranmission problem may be caused by the stop light switch circuit. The electrical solenoid that controls the flow of transmission fluid to the lock up clutch in the torque converter is wired in series with the brake light switch. When the brakes are applied, the flow of fluid through the lock up solenoid is stopped and the clutch will disengage.


Making the Ae transmission survive on the cheap. Part 2 | IS Elite

The transmission will not kick down into the next lower gear at full throttle. The first thing you should check is the kick down circuit. There could be a loose or broken wire somewhere in the circuit. The transmission does not move in a6500e gear.

Three Possible Problems You May Experience With The AE Automatic Transmission

Many issues could cause this problem. Start off by checking the transmission control rod.

This is the rod that goes from the shifter to the transmission. Next, check the manual valve in the valve body. Make sure the valve moves freely with little effort.

Making the A650e transmission survive on the cheap. Part 2

A warped valve body could be preventing the valve from moving. The next item to check is the front pump and torque converter. The easiest way to check them is to attach a pressure gauge to the pressure port on the transmissions.

Refer to the shop manual for proper testing procedures and readings.

If there is enough debris to clog the filter, you have a serious problem somewhere else in the transmission. No automatic transmission is designed to last forever. Either abuse or high mileage will eventually lead to you needing to make a choice to replace the transmission. I highly recommend that you consider replacing your transmission with a re-manufactured transmission over one that was simply rebuilt.


A re-manufactured transmission will include alterations and upgrades designed to make it more durable and last longer. They will also address common issues with the transmission that the factory should have fixed in the first place.

The re-manufactured transmission also includes a much better warranty ; three years compared to an average 90 days for a rebuilt transmission. You must be logged in to post a transmiwsion.

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