The AC PEC combines the high-speed control requirements of processes like those in power electronics applications with the low-speed process control. Find great deals for ABB 3BHER PP D B Acpec Modbus Controller D Shop with confidence on eBay!. Upto 6 optical modules can be installed in ACPEC controller. These optical modules are used for communication with external IO or between the controller.

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Release Notes for the NDT Software Relea We reserve all rights in this document and in the information contained therein. Reproduction, use or disclosure to third parties without express authority is strictly forbidden. The major extensions of this release are the support for Control System Version 5. Also several extensions for functionality were added such as the storage of the transient and trending configuration, flash disc 800psc and the event logger block extension.

NET runtime environment Version 2. System events are generated in case of detected errors.

Details can be found in [1]. At the moment the Service Link is supported only for the MultiLink. The configuration is restored at controller startup. Details can be found in [1] and [2]. Event Logger block extended The Event Logger block supports now a second mode which allows changing the event class during runtime by means of an additional block input. Details can be found in [4]. The PSE signals and parameters are changeable during runtime. There is a separate release note document available for Control SV 5.


Support for scaled channels The Simulink Protocol Handler supports scaling of integer channles within the Control Builder channel properties. Details can be found in [2]. Support for channel inversion The Simulink Protocol Handler supports inversion of boolean channels within the Control Builder channel properties. In some cases it is possible that the file is not properly written and the PEC80 is no longer accessible after a reboot.

This problem is fixed.

ABB 3BHER PP D B Acpec Modbus Controller D | eBay

A cold restart is needed. The BAR parameter is reset to 0 after re-opening the Simulink model. PECViewother drivers e. SCP are still showing the event list. Additionally a system event is generated if a driver clears the event buffer. If you are using the stand alone version of the PECInstaller at least version 1. The user has to use a dot as decimal symbol independent of the Windows culture setting. The 80pec number of keep-alive server tasks Num keep-alive Ports parameter within the PECConfigurator are created at controller startup and never closed independent of the connected SOAP clients e.

Since each tasks requires a certain amount of resources, the number of keep-alive SOAP server tasks shall be minimized.

Therefore the default value of the Num keep-alive Ports parameter is set to 1. A maximum of 10 keep-alive SOAP servers can be configured.

The following two use cases are leading to a weird error message saying: Controller must be reset: Go offline with Control Builder 3. Download application with FlashUtility 4.

The reason for this is that another task with higher priority was meanwhile executed and has blocked execution of appropriate task.


ABB Accelerates Application Control Software Development for a Power Electronic Controller

The terminal messages may have impact on controller load if it is printed out continuously during runtime. For Simulink control applications it is recommended to parameterize priority of the SW task in the IT range of Setting the priority to higher than 8 could interfere proper IT execution of all the Control application tasks and is thus not recommended for use. Do not move the toolbox directory after installation!

Follow installation instructions in the installer. Run the appropriate setpath. Install the Compact Control Builder Version 5.

The installer will copy several files into the installation path of Compact Control Builder. For migration of Control applications please follow the hints given in [2] and the standard Compact Control Builder user documentation. However, customization of a generic installerArchive is straightforward if application development environment is known and appropriate files are available. For quick start-up a default installerArchive is available that can be adapted to special application purposes e.

All three applications can be called up via the “Start” menu button. The compatibility is Download and not Go Online related i. Go Online compatibility requires the same Control Builder version.

If you have installed Control Builder SV5. Chapter Description Date Dept.