Adelina’s Whales has 26 ratings and 5 reviews. Adelina is a ten-year-old girl who lives in a quiet fishing village in Baja California, Mexico. Adelina ha. The Power of Oil Adelina’s Whales. By: Richard Sobol. Listen to the story. Vocabulary · Word Play 1 · Word Play 2 · Activity 1 · Activity 2 · Study for your spelling. The text and photographs of Adelina’s Whales by Richard Sobol is an expository text. Expository text provides factual information about a topic. A photo essay is.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Each January, the gray whales arrive in the lagoon near La Laguna and stay for three months before migrating farther north for the summer.

Whale-watchers, scientists, and photographers visit La Laguna from all over the world to adelinw and interact with the whales. As you read, notice how the words and images work together to tell about Adelina and her whales.


Adelina’s Whales

Practice Generalization PB 1. What is an example of shales generalization? Many birds migrate, or move from one place to another. How do you know this is a generalization? The word many gives a clue that not all birds migrate. What is another generalization? Some birds will fly the same path each year.

The word some gives a clue. Give an example of how you know Adelina has a good understanding of nature. Why do you think the author wrote this selection? Who did the author aadelina was the first person to have a visit from the whales? Why do the mother whales come to the lagoon? How do you know the whales are important to Adelina?

How were the people in La Laguna like the people who visited the village? Adelina was awakened by a loud, low, rumbling noise.

A gray whale was exhaling a blast of hot air as large as a room. The mother whales come to the whalss to have their babies.

Adelina’s Whales

The whales lift their massive heads out of the water. Her grandfather told many stories about his first encounter with the whales.


Adelina might become a biologist who studies the ocean when she grows up. Her home is a simple shack on a sandy bluff hugging the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The swan gains altitude as he adelinx his ascent into the air. Their wings carry them swiftly and surely from zone to zone.

Watch carefully because they will flash on the screen for just a moment.

We can clap as we spell the word, or we might just practice reading the words. Protective regulations for killer whales in the Northwest Region.

Blog 1 Aman Sharma.

Blue whales – World is your oyster.