This Pin was discovered by Martin Molina. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Media in category “Agave durangensis”. The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Agave durangensis ().jpg Agave durangensis ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Gattung der Agaven (Agave). Ein englischer Trivialname ist „Gentry´s Durango-Zacatecas Agave“.

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Strap on your agave nerd hat! I have been working on this new piece for months. I put up my first post on this topic in May, but I have learned more since then and this list is better. You see, it is a difficult topic to tackle. Under the new laws, all mezcal production must be certified in order to sell agav export it. The NORMA lists only 5 of the common varieties of agave from which mezcal can be made, such as espadin and tobala.

This explains why the exact number of agave varieties that can. I have seen 16, 23, 28 and The vast majority of these producers are small palenques essentially farmsso they use the agave that can be found right there. Every mezcal is different, like wine. The agave matters as do so many other factors. It is of the land. Passed down generation durangensix generation.

Tequila is made from one type of agave. Agavf, on the other hand can be made from many types of agave. They are grown in different regions of Mexico with different climates, different elevations, different textures and tastes.

The mezcaleros use varied techniques in the production process, many that have been passed down for generations in their families. And his father before him. And on down the line. Where is the water from that is used in the distillation process? What wood do you use to line the roasting pits? Use what you have. Live off your land.

And many mezcals are great. Widely varied for all the reasons above, but again, it starts with agave. I am not sure anyone really knows how many different types of agave are used to make mezcal.

[Mass propagation of Agave durangensis Gentry] [1998]

Is there an official list? So how do you know? Just one more thing to love about mezcal — all the answers are not necessarily there. So I am stating upfront that this is not THE list. It is my compilation after much inquiry, research, poking around, a tidbit here, a tidbit there. That is not saying that one does not exist.

So join the conversation. Help me, help you. In my list, it counts as a type of agave from which mezcal is made if I can find a brand or credible reference that says mezcal is made from the species, variety, sub-variety or sub-species.


For example, with the species Agave American L. Judah, by the way, is bringing some new artisanal mezcals to the U. The point is that some people would say that coyote is just another name for the more commonly known arroqueno Agave American L. So they each get a place on my list. I am confident there are errors here.

So here is my list of 47 unique species, varieties, sub-varieties or sub-species of agave from which mezcal is made. Yeah, it feels too big to me too — reinforcing my view that mistakes have been made. You will see that the numbering to get to 47 is driven by the Sub-Variety or Sub-Species because each is a unique agave from which mezcal is made.

At any rate, I hope you find this useful and let me know your thoughts. Hello, I enjoy your list, but I want to suggest additions. Depending on how complete you want your list to be, you should include other brands that make the same type of mezcal, considering some of these are rarer than others. For example, Siete misterios also makes an arroqueno. Thanks for those thoughts. This has all been updated, with many more agave varietals, in my new book!

This impacts the flavor. Is it made from a tobala, Karwinsky, madrecuixe agave.

Are fruits or poleo wild mint added for flavor? And what about that […]. Budding Mezcal aficionado here, I love this stuff. On your list I notice the Jabali is under species Agave kerchovei. I have a bottle of Rey Campero Jabali where the label indicates the species is Agave Convallis, just thought I should pass that along.

Thanks for this info. In the book, I actually have jabali as a varietal under both A. I have a bottle myself that confirms A. But in this game, kerchovi could be accurate too so keep your eyes out! And I will keep fighting the fight for artisanal mezcals. Thanks for writing in! Garcia-Mendoza elevated convallis back to species in monograph of the agave of the Tehuacan-Cuicatlan valley. Having visited the type localities of all the Sierra Mixteca Agaves, I agree convallis is distinct from kerchovei.

Thanks for the thoughts. It is a very difficult subject to master, but with a collective effort, we can make strides.

I was hoping you could direct me towards that academic paper cited in your chart of agave names. I just bought a mezcal labeled as cuela by the brand 9 espiritus, I was told it is quite rare theres almost no info online about this variety. I asked about the species and was told it is quite simiar to potatorum or is in that family.


It is an olla de barro and is of very good quality. No comercam sticker though. Made in santa catarina albarradas.


You are a lucky guy I think! I have not heard of it but that happens with regularity in the mezcal varietals world. Potatorum is tobala, which is typical quite fruity and a bit floral. Are you getting that type of read on it? I got to try it before I bought it and from what I could tell the olla de barro distillation was imparting its own flavor into the mix, because it tasted very similar not the same, though! In any case all I could find online about cuela is that its also being made by a brand called gwidor, and some news article about mezcaleros dumping their mezcal on the ground in protest mentions cuela as well.

Not a lot on info to go by, but enough to prove it is a thing. There really are so many factors affecting the process similar to wine, where […]. This list is fantastic though the one composed in made searching for the common names easier: Do you know, if it is on this list, what the Penca Verde might otherwise be known as?

La Mezcaloteca tends to be very good at putting the species e. I am working on a new list, but I have to admit it is probably getting more confusing the deeper I go! It is funny that you mention Penca Verde. I was just at In Situ and I asked them for their favorite offering, and Sandra poured me a penca verde. She told me it is a Karwinski. Keep exploring and if you find errors on my list, please advise!!

Or if you have additions as well. Thanks for reading and drink mezcal! This is directionally where I came out on my last piece on this topic.

I got to 47 but I know there is some overlap. So while the exact number is hard to pin down, […]. God bless you for your efforts! Hard to find this information otherwise.

Your reading of the NOM regulating mezcal excluded the blue agave since its the basis for another Denomination of Origin Tequila. But looking at the NOM it specifies: So from this I would interpret that you agzve use blue agave under this regulation to make an officially recognized commercial mezcal, just not in one of the states recognized as a producer of tequila Jalisco, Michoacan, etc.

It is an effort but a fun and passionate pursuit as well.