American Samoa; Australia; Cambodia; India; Indonesia; Malaysia; New Caledonia; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Samoa; Sri Lanka; Taiwan, Province of. Nemedra elaeagnoidea A. Jussieu, Bull. Sci. Nat. Géol. ; Aglaia abbreviata C. Y. Wu; A. elaeagnoidea var. formosana Hayata; A. elaeagnoidea. Aglaia elaeagnoidea (A. Juss.) Benth. – MELIACEAE. Synonym: Nemedra elaeagnoidea A. Juss.; A. roxburghiana Hiern. var. courtallensis Gamble;.

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Aglaia formosana Hayata Hayata Aglaia grata Wall.

Aglaia spanoghei Blume ex Miq. Aglaia wallichii Hiern Amoora poulocondorensis Pellegr. Drawing of the leaves, flowers, fruit and seed Photograph by: Herbarium specimen of the leaves Photograph by: Much of it has been made available to download from the Internet.


Aglaia elaeagnoidea – MELIACEAE

Very good plant descriptions, it also gives some plant uses, details of habitat, range etc. Year ISBN Description Beautiful set of booklets with a terse description of over species and their habitat, often including some of their uses and notes on their cultivation, plus at aglaai one, excellent photograph.

In addition to the botanical information the flora also gives basic information on habitat and some uses.

An on-line version is also available.

Not for the casual reader. This volume looks at the preparation and uses of the commercial woods of the Philippines.

Aglaia elaeagnoidea

It can be downloaded from the Internet. Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern.

How many suns are in our solar system. Last update on Now containing plants.