The Agranat Commission was a national inquiry commission established on Its Intermediate Report was published on April 1st , focusing on the reasons. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper. Agranat Commission investigation and reports regading the Yom Kippur war.

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Former Prime Minister Golda Meir didn’t know that the “special means” that should have given notice of an upcoming threat weren’t working; she trusted the generals and IDF Intel assessments, which turned out to be wrong, and talked about the sources that warned of a war and went unheeded.

These are the details of Golda Meir’s testimony for the Agranat Commission that was published Thursday for the first time, 40 years after the war. She was asked first to talk about the warning signs to the war.

Agranat Commission | The Times of Israel

She talked about the Syria alert, which was raised according to Military Intelligence Directorate Aman for fear it would strike Israel after the September 13 MiG incident. Committee member, former Chief of General Staff Yigael Yadinasked Meir invasive questions, compared to other members, who defended her. I couldn’t get a logical answer,” Yadin said. Meir replied, “According to Aman reports, the Syrians thought Israel was purposefully provoking them to drag them into a war.


The part of the testimony regarding the Intel the prime minister received on the eve of her trip to Strasbourg on Rosh Hashana was censored in the protocols, which were revealed to the public by the IDF Archives.

The assessment is that it was information that Jordan ‘s King Hussein gave Meir during their meeting a day earlier, a meeting about Syria and Egypt’s intent to start war.

The Agranat Commission

Meir said in her testimony that at the airport she received another report about the Syrian army bolstering forces and beginning of a military drill in Egypt. Aman believed, she added, that the Syrians would not act alone, but rather with Egypt, and that the reprt was for protective purposes.

Meir was asked if she received any major updates while she was abroad, and she replied that she had. Minister Yisrael Galili asked to hold an urgent meeting as soon as the prime minister returned to Israel. Despite the severe oversight, Meir supported Aman in her testimony.

Yadin continued, asking if it was okay that Zamir didn’t tell Meir before he left. It just became insignificant.

He knew what was going on in the fronts, he knew this is a fommission he could hear something important from, he got the codeword chemicals, which meant war and he went. And it’s a good thing he did. Dayan in the Yom Kippur War Photo: I don’t have a reasonable response for this, I didn’t talk to the Aman chief, there are people who are bigger experts than me when it comes to Intel.


You have to keep a source, but garanat the information you get.

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I can understand that there agrqnat sources you really have to preserve, but sometimes we were over guarded, like in this matter. They were standing on Saturday. Meir said the chief of staff insisted on an early drafting, since by the time the forces moved into action there’d be at least a day.

She said Chief of Staff David Elazar said that either way they’ll say about Israel that it’s being aggressive if it calls up reservists, “so there was know difference between calling up 70 thousand, or thousand, if they’re going to say we started the war.

Meir criticized the defense minister. I said, I decided and that is that. He took it in good spirit, but I felt he wasn’t convinced. Chief of Staff David Elazar Photo: Yaron Druckman contributed to this report. Golda Meir protocols from Agranat Commission released.