Buy New or Surplus ALLEN BRADLEY DDM (DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER, SERVO DRIVE, ULTRA , HP, 1KW, 15AMP, 1PHASE, . Buy New or Surplus ALLEN BRADLEY DDM (DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER 11/30/, ULTRA , UNIVERSAL DIGITAL SERVO. Description: The Allen-Bradley DDM has a Vac kWatts; Vac kWatts Continuous Power Output, a 15 amps Output Peak Current, and a .

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Results 1 to 2 of 2. Hi, I’ve spent some time haunting the Allen Bradley knowledge base but I cannot seem to get a good answer.


I’m hoping that someone here has some experience and can give me a clue. I also have UltraMaster version 1.

These are used drives, supposedly good, purchased on ebay. I’ve hooked the drive up to a 6 pole servo motor 6 pole BLDC, v, with optical encoder of lines, aleln-bradley single ended outputs of A, B and I and the three hall sensor emulators.


I know I will need to create a new motor profile for this motor, i’m just trying to access the drive software at this point.


I’ve tried getting the drive going using the AB Ultra drive installation manual. When I provide 15 volt dc power to the allen-bradlej terminals, then provide volt AC to the line input terminals, I get a green blinking LED.

I have not been able to determine what this indicates as a fault. I don’t seem to find it in the manual, other than it saying you have to read the fault code using 1938-ddm serial communications with the ultramaster software.

DDM – In Stock | Allen Bradley Drives Servo Drive

So my second problem is that I cannot get communication with the drive either one over serial. The ultramaster does not find the drive. I am only connecting pins 2,3 and 5 from the serial connector on the drive.

I assembled the cables for J1 J2 and the serial port myself, using proper connectors, and they go to breakout blocks where I have wired fault clearing switch and enable switch as per the initial power up diagrams. Both of the drives give me the same blinking green behavior and both have no communication.


Which leads me to think something is wrong with my setup. I would appreciate any help or insight you can give me on this problem.

DDM Industrial Automation, Control | eBay

I will have some standard AB cables soon, and I also have some baldor motors that have differential signals for the encoders that I could try hooking up. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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