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Choosing Genuine AMF replacement parts is choosing certainty over uncertainty. •You can be certain we manufacture parts to original OEM quality. In bowling, a pinsetter, or pinspotter, was originally a person who manually reset bowling pins . The is the general standard in most AMF-equipped modern bowling centers today. It features a microprocessor-operated chassis that is.

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The use of today’s technologies have made it possible to engineer in extra functions that make your machine more reliable and make searching for hard to find electronic failures very easy. The Maximum Technology Control Board checks the machine automatically during every cycle.

Any errors detected are made visible by a code number on a display on ammf PC board. This gives your machine extra functions like ‘fast strike cycle’ and ‘sweep reverse’. This speeds up the game and reduces mechanical wear.

With ‘APS’ input, the table wiring to the gripper switches is no longer needed. This will put an end to all the machine stops caused by respot cell wiring.

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The Maximum Technology Control Board has a built-in diagnostics feature. By pressing a button on the board, it can be put into test-mode.

In this test-mode you can actuate every switch in the machine. The readout will display the switch actuated and a beeper will sound when the signal reaches the PC board. Troubleshooting could not be simpler! This interface reads the signal from the Qubica camera. It converts the signal to an APS signal that can be read by the 820 Technology control board and most other chassis and single-boards for the machine. The control board can then do a fast strike cycle or do sweep reverse on a gutterball.

The table wiring to the gripper switches is no longer needed. This will put an end to all the machinestops caused by broken respot cell wires or bad inserts!

Manual reset after offspot. Automatic reset after offspot. Maximum Technology Offspot switch mounted in the Back End controlbox of the machine. The Maximum Technology Foul Unit.

Maximum Technology – AMF

The Maximum Technology Foul Unit contains built-in overload protection as well as diagnostics for alignment. It will even inform you if a short occurs in the output wiring!


We have designed another unit that is even better protected against vibrations. The sensor unit is separated from the switch unit and can be located in an area where vibration is not an issue.

Sweep reverse function will still work without any modification to the machine wiring. There is no machine anf necessary so the converted motor can be transferred between machines.

Pinspotter Parts

The Maximum Technology Motor Start Switch is mounted on the outside of the motor and is connected with a wiring assembly that plugs into the switch.

This replaces the centrifugal switch and points inside the motor making it almost maintenance free! APS interface for Qubica scoring. The Maximumum Technology Offspot Switch. The Maf Technology Offspot Switch automatically performs a sweep reverse and advances the machine to 2nd ball.

No human interference, no delays! These animations show the difference.