2 Material AL Value listed in µH/ Turns Permeability = Frequency. If you have any inquiries regarding our products and specifications, please. 6 Material Iron Powder Toroids. 6 Material. Permeability / µi = 8. Frequency.

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About Toroids Did you know that a toroid is a doughnut-shaped object, much like an O-ring, that is from a solenoid?

A more common term you may know associated with this world has to do with the brand name. A Toroid transformer is a high performance torodial power transformer. These transformers are unique in that they are quite versatile, working in medical electronics, measurement systems, data communication systems, light fixtures, motor controls, robotics, and avionics.

Amidon Iron Powder Toroidal Core T | eBay

When you need a large toroid for your task, you will find the product you need available from the reliable sellers on eBay.


The hard part of that purchase is knowing which of the products to purchase since so qmidon options are available. The best bet here is to match an existing product you own with one listed as available on the website. Of course, you could do a bit of research for the replacement part based on the manufacturer’s schematics, but who wants to make the process easy?

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Also shop in Also shop in. Toroidal Transformer See more. They are specially designed to work on all standard V or V at toroiv or 60Hz.

And they also have the magnetic shield around the outside to reduce the magnetic leakage. The dielectric test is more Ferrite Toroid See more.

FT Ferrite toroid core 2. Lot of 12 FT Toroid Core.

Toroid Core See more. One T Toroid Core. Lot of Two T Toroid Core.

Micrometals Amidon T Iron Powder Toroidal Core T Toroid NEW T 6 | eBay

FT Ferrite toroid core 1. Amidon Toroid See more. Velodyne Acoustics inductor.