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Posted by Doctor Computer at General Power and switching system on Laptop Motherboard. It better to use motherboard manufacture by using Motherboard code ,we would know how much adapter voltage usage.


The are standard voltage for sensor each Charger ic. This is important power need to activate that component. Starting from Jack Power Adaptor sure incoming voltage by a voltage adapter.


VS the Power Switch.

AOL Datasheet PDF – Alpha and Omega Semiconductor

VSB or switch voltage button 3. Press power button short to ground then 3. With out this power the device won’t display ao44433 not able to load boot up process.

VS for Strap Boot device:. For details on each Rail Voltage VS can be seen in the. Differences circuit and component arrangement datashewt the motherboard of course require.

Mosfet Type on Laptop Motherboard. P channel mosfet 2. N chanel mosfet 3.

Dual N chanel mosfet each type could substitute as long as same type even with different marking code. Easy way to identified look at dztasheet end number of marking code.

AO look at end of marking code number is odd numbers 3. Others P chanel examples: Others N channel mosfet examples: If you confused ,you should read this before.

AO4433 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Introduction of System Power Laptop Motherboard. And this SO3 also have P or N channel type. Other way to Identified for SO6 and SO3 Mosfet transistors are by finding the marking code on ic than browse the data sheetif they not found get mosfet location code on board dataxheet find on schema by typing marking code to adobe reader search column to look the correct marking code than browsing the datasheet again to get know mosfet type and get substitution N chanel caracter common base.


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