READ ONLINE DOWNLOAD Book Description: Aqidah Shahihah is in Bengali ( bangla) translation written by Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah. Perisai Bagi Sekalian Mukallaf has 5 ratings and 1 review. Kitab ini menjadi rujukan pembahasan ‘aqidah shahihah di seluruh negeri-negeri di Timur Tengah . BENTUK2 PENYELEWENGAN AQIDAH DAN CARA-CARA MENANGANINYA.. MUHAMMAD ARif BIN MURAD SAHIRAH.

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Background The deviation from the true aqidah is destruction and apostasy. Because the true aqidah is the main motivator for a beneficial charity. Without a true aqidah, one will fall prey to suspicion and doubt that may gradually override and hinder from the awidah view of the path of happiness.

The people who are not led by the true aqidah are the people of haiwani bahimido not have the principles of a happy life even though they are crisscrossed with matter. With matter, they sometimes often aqixah into disintegration, as we see in the ignorant society.

Because, material wealth requires taujih directives in its use, and there is no true giver of direction, except aqidah shahihah. Allah has believed which means”O apostles, eat of good food, and do righteous deeds. In this modern age, multi-aliaran emerges in the midst of society, therefore we bsa face it so that we will not fall into the flow that deviates from the right i’tikad Ahlussunnah Wal-jama’ah.

As Muslims, we are required to have faith, devotion and obedience to God, by keeping His commandments and avoiding His prohibitions.

In addition, we must apply and practice it in everyday life as well as: So that we can xhahihah God’s grace and love. The 13 points are:.

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To take aqidah shahihah, as the pious salafus takes his aqidah from both. Will not be able to fix the end of this ummah, except what has improved its predecessors. Also by studying the aqidah of the false groups and know their syubhah for us argue and we are wary, because who does not know evil, he is worried about falling into it.


Paying attention to teaching understanding aqidah shahihah, aqidah salaf, in various levels of education. Sahhihah enough hours of lessons and holding rigorous evaluations in presenting this material.


Should be established clean books of salaf as a subject matter, while the books of deviant groups should be kept away. Spread the dai who straighten the aqidah of Muslims by teaching aqidah salaf and answer and reject the whole aqidah vanity. Conclusion From the suahihah above, it can be concluded that deviation akidah or carry out daily amaliyah that is not in accordance with i’tikad sunny Ahlussunnah Wal-Jama’ah can bring us the lack of destruction and apostasy.

Especially in Aceh 13 point flow criteria in the fatwakan MPU Aceh even not only perverted but can be said to be kafir.

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So to take preventive steps we have to go back to kitabullah and sunnah, and snahihah presence of guidance to the true flow and creed Ahlussunnah Wal-Jama’ah either through da’wah or pengajian-pengajian. Suggestions To overcome the occurrence deviation deviation is very evaluation from all parties. In order that misguided streams are not pervading the minds of our younger generation.

So in this case is very necessary cooperation of all parties.

Thank you for taking part in this months culturevulture competition. Deviations of aqeedah will bring us to destruction and How Overcome that. Focus of Study He wrote this paper to address the following issues: The 13 points are: A sect is said to be misguided if it denies one of the six pillars of faith, which is faith in Allah Almighty, to his angels, to his books, his apostles, to the Hereafter, and to his qadha and qadar.


Denial one of the five pillars of Islam, namely: Believing or following a creed that is inconsistent with the Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah’s intentions Believes the descent of revelation after the Qur’an. Doing the interpretation of the Qur’an is not based on the rules of tafsir.

Denying the Prophet’s hadith as a source of Islamic teachings. Conducting a sanction against the hadith is not based on the rules of mushthalah hadith. Insulting or harassing His prophets and apostles.

Denying the Holy Prophet as the last prophet and apostle. Insulting and harassing the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad. Changing, adding, or reducing the points of worship established by the Shari’a, such as the pilgrimage is not necessarily to the Baitullah, prayer fardhu not five time, and so forth.

To disbelieve their fellow Muslims without valid syar’i strong arguments, such as disbelieving Muslims simply because they are not members of the group. According to Muslims, the criterion of the heresy is now highly re-regularized, since in some areas of Aceh recent complaints, zhahihah and rejection actions against certain groups are believed to be actively developing heretical sects.

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