Protrepticus: Aristotle: The Academy: Another youthful work, the Protrepticus (“ Exhortation”), has been reconstructed by modern scholars from quotations in. ments” in Aristotle’s exoteric writings, advanced the theory that the Aristote- lian Protrepticus must have been a hortatory work advocating the neces-. SINCE Bywater’s article of I it has been taken for granted considerable fragments of Aristotle’s Protrepticus, and their num to grow. Scholars, while admitting.

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On the Pythagorean Life. The Utility of Contemplation in Aristotle’s Protrepticus. Nevertheless, context suggests Aristotle was drawing a parallel between sight and contemplation in his original text.


In the second passage above from chapter 9, Aristotle refers at Therefore, Aristotle thinks, even if contemplation is useless, it does not follow that contemplation lacks choiceworthiness for its own sake. Although philosophers do not produce when contemplating, the insights they obtain through contemplation guide their production, i.

We post regular updates about the project on our blogwhere you can access a quick introduction to the project. Protrephicus Protrepticus and the Sources of its Reconstruction. Originally in Mind Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Help Center Find new research papers in: Spiritual exercises from Socrates to Foucault. University of California Press London: Michael Haslam – – Phronesis 34 1: If so, Aristotle can consistently say that contemplation is useless in the sense required by the aristocratic defense, but useful in the way required by the utility argument.

Protreptiucs entry has no external links. First, in the light of D. In particular, it is reasonable to expect the highest or most final end in a human life to lack such instrumental value. Moravcsik – – Melbourne, Macmillan.


The Utility of Contemplation in Aristotle’s Protrepticus | Matt Walker –

As a boundary marker for the possession of natural goods e. In other words, Aristotle suggests that contemplating the divine brings to light the upper limits of the human good. In part 4, I point out the hurdles Aristotle faces in showing how contemplation can possess the utility that he attributes to it. Hutchinson University of Toronto doug. During – – Journal of Hellenic Studies Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Various arguments survive from the Protrepticus, preserved primarily in chapters of a work of the same name by the Neoplatonic philosopher Iamblichus.

In parts 1 and 2, I begin by elucidating the aristocratic defense and the utility argu- ment. Christopher Bobonich – – Social Philosophy and Policy 24 2: Retrieved from ” https: Perishing before they ever attained maturity, they would never get to lead the perceptive life that characterizes fully developed animals.

According to Aristotle, however, contemplation plays a role in providing cog- nitive access to exact measures of the human good. Rather, for Aristotle, an activity can also be useful by supporting philosophical protreptic, since such a work is intended to turn the reader toward philosophy as such, not toward any particular philosophical view.

If we ought to philosophize we ought to philosophize, and if we ought not to philosophize we ought to philosophize; in either case, therefore, we ought to philosophize. History of Western Philosophy. I assume, then, that Aristotle wants to avoid fundamental inconsistency in the Protrepticus.

While Aristo- tle does not offer an explicit, detailed answer, he nevertheless provides telling clues. Second, he argues that contemplation nevertheless possesses a cer- tain kind of usefulness after all.


Aristotle’s Protrepticus an Attempt at Reconstruction

But in De anima ii 4, Aristotle has already provided reason to think that the nutritive power the threp- tikon is for the sake of the perceptive power. At Nicomachean Ethics x 7.

A Collection of Critical Essays. Aristotle thus wants to say that through exercising contemplation, we some- how come to understand the nature of the human good, i. Second, mature animals require a perceptive means protrepticuz which to obtain nutriment lest they perish as well.

From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy pdcnet. For those looking for more detail about our methods of reconstruction and the basis of evidence, you will find on this website our working files on a new critical Aristotel edition, translation, commentary, and reconstruction of Aristotle’s Protrepticus.

Contemplation is useful for the cognitive access it provides to boundary markers of the human good by reference to which con- templators can judge well. Aristotle offers similar arguments in defense of the supreme choicewor- thiness of contemplation in Metaphysics i 2 and Nicomachean Ethics x 7. Further, Timaeus claims that the Demiurge wishes all things to resemble himself as much as protreptcus 29eand that the Demiurge wishes the cosmic order to possess intel- lect 30b.

Notice that Aristotle is not saying that uselessness is sufficient for being a high- est end.