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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Prelude to Foundation Quotes Showing of It’s these respectable people here who create those hooligans out there.

Was there anything more exciting in life than seeking answers? You say you disapprove, which makes you preoudio nice person, and then you can go about your business and not be interested anymore.

It’s a lot worse than ‘too bad. It cuts knowledge at fundacoin million points and leaves it bleeding. Each sector is encouraged fundxcion be suspicious of its neighbors. Within each sector, economic and social classes are encouraged funfacion wage a kind of war with each other. The result is that all over Trantor it is impossible for the people to take united action.

Everywhere, the people would rather fight each other than make a common stand against the central tyranny and the Empire rules without having to exert force. In other words, one ruling class is replaced by another—sometimes by one that is more efficient and therefore still more capable of maintaining itself—while the poor and downtrodden remain poor and downtrodden or become even worse off. We may disagree with them in one way or another, but we are as likely to be wrong in our disbelief as they in their belief.


In any case, there is no disgrace in such belief and my questions were not intended as insults.


You can get all the downtrodden and even all the respectables on your side, but you must somehow win over the security forces and the Imperial army or at least seriously weaken their loyalty to the rulers. It reminded Seldon of a puzzle that had been presented to him when he was young: Can you have a relatively small piece of platinum, with handholds affixed, that could not be lifted by the bare, unaided strength of any number of people, no matter how many?

The answer was yes. A cubic meter of platinum weighs 22, kilograms under standard gravitational pull. If it is assumed that each person could heave kilograms up from the ground, then people would suffice to lift the platinum. You could perhaps not squeeze more than 9 people around it.

And levers or other such devices were not allowed. Only so many people could gather round the knowledge, so to speak, and communicate it. However useless the effort may seem to you to be, have you anything better to do with your life?

Have you some worthier goal? Have you a purpose that will justify you in your own eyes to some greater extent?

ASIMOV Fundacion 1 Preludio a la Fundacion | Elvis V. Sioux –

There is no doubt that he himself Encouraged this for at no time in his formal writings did he give any hint as to how he came to solve the various problems of Psychohistory. His leaps of thought might have all been plucked From Air, for all he tells us. Nor does he fnudacion us of the blind alleys Into which he crept or the wrong turnings he may have made.


Concerning his parent and Siblings, We know a handful of factors, nor more. His only son, Raych Seldon, is known to have been adopted, but how that Came about is not known. Concerning his wife, we only Know that she existed. Clearly, Seldon wanted to a cipher Except where psychohistory was concerned.

It is as though he felt– Or wanted it to be felt—that he did not live, he merely psychohistorified. Be aware of your surroundings. What is important is what people will or will not believe can be done.

I find it impossible to believe that there would be such unreasoning feeling against harmless people. It can all pass right under your nose and you wouldn’t smell a thing because it doesn’t affect you.

Preludio a la Fundacion / Prelude to Foundation

Seldon is a mathematician like you and his head can sometimes be in the clouds. You must understand that. I am a historian, however. There are peculiar and almost ritualistic hatreds that have no rational justification and that can have their serious historical influence. You say you disapprove, which makes you a nice person, and then you can go about your own business and not be interested anymore. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.