Publisher: ASME; Publish Date: ; Pages: 24; Language: English; ISBN: Sign up to receive email notifications when updates to this. ASME Y, Revision of Engineering Drawings and Associated Documents, was adopted on October 20, for use by the Department of Defense (DoD). It is essential that this Standard be used in close conjunction with ASME Y, ASME Y, ASME YM, and ASME Y Incorporates Y on.

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You are using a web browser or a browser version not supported by this website! This means that some functions may not work as expected. Internet Explorer 9 and above Upgrade Now. My question is this: Is it within accepted industry practice to put more that one ECO number under a revision letter in g14 drawing’s revision block?


You can have multiple, but list them together in the same line. It may be confusing to list them in separate rows as you show. Why not add multiple rows with the same Rev Index to your revision Wsme. If you need to call them out individually.

If you leave the Rev cell empty then you can’t add a revision symbol to the drawing. Standards are supposed to be guide lines unless you work in an industry that enforces stict document control. I think asmr sense should take precedence and code should be applied to suit.

I don’t want to get a visit from the ASME police. In my experience there is nothing that I can recall that does not allow for multiple engineering changes per revision.

Thank you all for the help. I’ll go ahead and mark Elmar Klammer ‘s answer correct since he answered first.

ASME Y – Revision of Engineering Drawings and Associated Documents

If not, create your ID now. I did several searches online, and did not run across a definitive answer.


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MIL STD 0100 0299

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