The key idea in Ausubel’s theory is the distinction between learning by rote .. Ausubel D. P., Novak J. D., Hanesian H. (), Educational Psychology: A Novak J.D. () Can metalearning and metaknowledge strategies to help students. Authors, David Paul Ausubel, Joseph Donald Novak, Helen Hanesian. Translated by, Mario Sandoval Pineda. Edition, 2, reprint. Publisher, Trillas, Students: Macintosh File Name: Novak – Ausubel . encompassing concept ( Cullen, ). This kind of .. Ausubel, D. P., Novak, J. D., & Hanesian, H. () .

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His most significant contribution to the fields of educational psychologycognitive science, and science education learning was on the development and research on advance organizers [1] since He was born on October 25, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Ausubel and his wife Pearl had two children. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with honors inreceiving a bachelor’s degree majoring in psychology.

Psicología educativa: un punto de vista cognoscitivo by David Paul Ausubel

Ausubel later graduated from medical school in at Middlesex University where he went on to complete a rotating internship at Gouverneur Hospital, located in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York.

InAusubel retired from academic life and devoted himself to his psychiatric practice.

During his psychiatric practice, Ausubel published many books as well as articles in psychiatric and psychological journals. Inat the age of 75, Ausubel retired from professional life to devote himself full-time to writing. He zusubel-novak-hanesian published four books: He wrote that “the relevance and value of faith should certainly not be derogated or treated pejoratively, as atheists, agnostics, and rationalists tend to do. He died on July 9, Ausubel was influenced by the teachings of Jean Piaget.


Similarly, he believed in the idea of meaningful learning as opposed to rote memorization. In the preface to his book Educational Psychology: The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. However, Ausubel was a critic of discovery-based teaching techniquesstating:.

Actual examination of the research literature allegedly supportive of learning by discovery reveals that valid evidence of this nature is virtually nonexistent. It appears that the various enthusiasts of the discovery method have been supporting each other research-wise by taking in each other’s laundry, so to speak, that is, ausubel-novak-hanesizn citing each other’s opinions and assertions as evidence and by generalizing wildly from equivocal and even negative findings.

An advance organizer is information presented by an instructor that helps the student organize new incoming information. Advance organizers make it easier to learn new material of a complex or otherwise difficult nature, provided the following two conditions are met:.

Ausubel distinguishes between two kinds of advance organizer: Comparative Organizers The main goal of comparative organizers is to activate existing schemas. Similarly, they act as reminders to bring into the working memory of what you may not realize is relevant. An example of a comparative organizer would be one used for a history lesson on revolutions. They often relate what the learner already knows with the new and unfamiliar material—this in turn is aimed to make the unfamiliar material more plausible to the learner.


An example which Ausubel and Floyd G. Robinson provides in their book Ausubel-novak-hanesina Learning: Essentially, expository organizers furnish an anchor in terms that are already familiar to the learner.

Psicología educativa: un punto de vista cognoscitivo

Another example would be the concept of a right angle in a mathematics class. A teacher could ask students to point out examples of right angles that they can find in the classroom.

Thirdly, critics also address the notion of advance organizers on whether they are intended to favour high ability or low ability students. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved June 9,from http: Death and the Human Condition.


Educational Psychology 4th ed. A Cognitive ViewNew York: Upper Saddle River, N. An Introduction To Educational Psychology. A reply to the critics.

The Promise of New Ideas and New Technology for Improving Teaching and Learning

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