Shop online today for a Balluff BDG or call the Ideal Surplus team directly. We will ship same day!. BDG W (BDG01YZ) by Balluff | BALLUFF INCREMENTAL ENCODER | Incremental Encoders | Shipping to + countries worldwide. Replacement guide for Balluff encoders including Balluff BDG & BDG Incremental encoders. Get the datasheets and request a quote to crossover.

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The seamless communication from the sensor to the network is essential for fast, flexible and efficient production. Balluff offers you innovative technical solutions for vastly different requirements and applications. Balluff beg solutions and systems represent individual products that are optimally adapted to your industry, your application conditions and requirements. Our comprehensive sensor and networking expertise provides technological variety for use all around the globe.

Every industry has its own challenges. The solutions must meet individual specifications and must be suitable for use in areas at risk for explosion, under high temperatures or in a raw environments. From object detection to linear position and fluid measurement.

From error proofing to Industry 4. Balluff ensures that you will get the best technological solution for every one of your tasks, meeting all your requirements with maximum precision. Industrial image processing Complete solutions for every need, guaranteeing modern, flexible and efficient production. Point level and level measurement solutions Solve a wide range of level detection applications.

Compact sensors for factory automation Mini-sensors provide a great degree of design freedom and versatility. Safety based on reliability. Balluff quality guarantees ultra-reliable solutions.

Vision – based process control, error – proofing and inspection, as well as optical identification for automation. Information exchange across all manufacturing levels ensures optimum performance in the entire process. Our products are precisely tailored to your needs. Bfg services are too. For fast commissioning, optimum project management and the greatest possible efficiency. Would you like advice on products and services?

Balluff BDG 6160-7b-05 1000-65 Incremental Encoder

Or expert know-how on site? We offer it all. Competent, uncomplicated and totally according to your specifications. For the fastest service, please follow the steps below.

Please note that delays may occur in processing goods that are returned to us without an RMA number. Such goods may even have to be sent back to you unprocessed. That’s why we emphasize long-term cooperation based on trust. We ensure the best possible working conditions throughout the company while addressing the individual needs of our employees. At Balluff, this starts with training. New employees ballufr well-integrated right from the start and find the ideal conditions for being able to write their own success story at a beg active around the world.


This employee engagement is confirmed by over 90 years of company history and employee longevity. Join us at ATX West Complete industrial image processing solutions from a single source. Precision and efficiency for high system availability. High efficiency and quality down to lot size 1 for mobility.

Comprehensive solutions for the packaging, food and beverage industry. Industries and solutions Products and services Company. Balluff has many years of experience and extensive expertise in numerous industries.

At home in many sectors Balluff sensor solutions and systems represent individual products that are optimally adapted to your industry, your application conditions and requirements. Integrated encoders for linear and rotary drives.

Direct feedback for linear direct drives. Detect end-of-travel, setpoints, speed. Oil and gas extraction. Improving lab automation efficiency. Products for optimum solutions.

Spindles, chucks, rotary and swivel tables. Handling, transport and process monitoring. Liquid level and leak detection.

Sensing solutions for vacuum applications. Hydraulic cylinder position feedback. Offshore and ship technology. Steel and metallurgical industry. Sensors for all areas of power generation. Hydraulic and mechanical presses. Wood and pulp industry.

Ports and inland waterways. Coke oven machines and conveying equipment. Blast furnace and electric arc furnace. Hot rolling and heavy plate production. Cold rolling and surface finishing. Measuring angles and inclination.

Measuring distance and position. Monitor contour and completeness. Monitoring color and contrast. Identifying objects by code. Innovative solutions for every application Every industry has its own challenges.

Enable visibility in the production process Industrial Identification to improve overall plant efficiency. Continuous communication An intelligent network enables reliable communication. Focused expertise for industrial automation Networking solutions that reliably transport the data for interpretation.

Prevent errors in the manufacturing process Enable continuous quality by identifying problem areas. Worldwide standard in object detection Designed for versatile use in standardized applications. Harsh Applications in Automation Solutions High temperatures, weld spatter, debris, impact or chemicals.


Safety with Balluff quality Automation requires safety.

Micro-optical components Developed for perfect performance. Products Balluff offers you a high quality product range of substantial breadth: Downloads All our current information and documentation available to you by convenient downloading: RFID Automatic identification and tracking in production.

Machine vision and Optical identification Vision – based process control, error – proofing and inspection, as well as optical identification for automation. Industrial network technology Information exchange across all manufacturing levels ensures optimum performance in the entire process.

Accessories Brackets, reflectors, lights, testers, and protection accessories. Connectivity Passive solutions for automation. Power Supplies Reliable and efficient power supply. Human Machine Interfaces With our human Machine interfaces precise detection of the operating states at a glance.

Safety Automation requires safety. We’re happy to assist you. Product and new application discussion Competitive cross over Request technical documentation Product replacement recommendations Contact information: After Sales Technical Support Use our technical support for: Commissioning questions Troubleshooting existing applications Resolving product quality concerns Contact information: Please fill out the form and the declaration of decontamination completely.

Click the “Send” button to forward the form to us electronically.

Balluff BDG b Incremental Encoder | eBay

By clicking “Send,” you confirm that the content of the form is correct to the best of your knowledge. You will receive an RMA number, including dispatch documents, within two working days.

Processing may be delayed if the information given on the RMA form is incomplete. Please print out the dispatch documents and enclose them with the shipment. RMA conditions The product’s original packaging must bear no adhesive labels and must not be damaged. When returning goods for credit, the return shipment must be sent in packaging that is undamaged and unopened. Damage in transport must be reported to the carrier immediately.

Please ensure that electronic components are packed in ESD packaging. You will receive a free-of-charge cost estimate.