Muslims defeated a Roman army at Yarmuk, in Syria, in The Battle of Yarmuk is now little remembered, but its outcome forever changed. The collapse of Byzantium’s military position in the near-east was sealed by the Battle of Yarmuk (also spelled Yarmouk) in AD Indeed, it is no exaggeration . The Battle of Yarmuk, fought in AD, was the turning point in Arab history that put a stop to any future Muslim attempt to expand into Europe. Fought between.

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Internet URLs are the best. Byzantine preparations began in late and by May Heraclius had a large force concentrated at Antioch in Northern Syria.

The History of Guns: Views Read Edit View history. Many of the fleeing Byzantine troops fell to their deaths over a narrow ravine.

Yarmuk, Battle of – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Aamer Khan June 3, 5: Jacob December 3, When I first set about researching this battle, I was immediately confronted with a seemingly impossible task: Exactly how, I would like you to follow the consequent line of reasoning…. Whilst the Muslim right wing enjoyed assistance from the mobile guard, the left wing did not and the numerical advantage the Byzantines enjoyed caused the Muslim positions to be overrun, with soldiers retreating towards base camps.

They had not just fought a toe to toe religious war with the Persians for 20 years, but also had had to face the Avars and Slavs in a two front war as well, during which time they had lost somewhere near half of all of their territories, many of which were not in the Middle East at all. The Muslims discovered Heraclius’ preparations at Shaizar through Roman prisoners. Short infantry swords like the Roman gladius and Sassanid long swords were used; long swords were usually carried by horsemen.


His successor, Umarwas determined to continue the Caliphate Empire ‘s expansion deeper into Syria. The major battle was to continue for six days.

An important fact has to be factored into the Byzantine Army estimates, that is that prior to the yar,uk of Islam and the Revelation to the Prophet Mohammed mpbhthe Sasassnid If and Byzantines had been in a protracted long war with one another for years.

Jack Harris December 18, 8: Swords were hung in baldrics. Vahan deployed the Imperial Army facing east, with a front about 13 kilometres 8. Sammy Prentice February 17, 2: For Yarmuk in particular such a decisive battle must have historians from both sides either attempting to glorify the efforts of their army or make the loss seem less spectacular and thus make it appear less devastating. I appreciate your work as well as your hard work to know the reality rather than the biased view.

It cemented his reputation as one of the greatest tacticians and cavalry commanders in history. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

The testudo formation that Gregory’s army had adopted moved slowly but also had a good defense. Thank you for your time. With the gruelling long term impact of a protracted war with Persia just before the advent of Islam, the Byzantines therefore could NOT have put so significant a force in the field.

Battle of Yarmouk | Summary |

This is clearly demonstrated by the fact ov the muslims were usually outnumbered by the Byzantines and the Persians on the battle field. Once the rebels had been subdued, Abu Bakr began a war of conquest, beginning with Iraq.

Original accounts are mostly from Arab sources, generally agreeing that the Byzantine army and their allies outnumbered the Muslim Arabs by a sizeable margin. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Joseph Mengele May 15, The impetuous Arabs began to pursue, but did so too quickly, leaving their infantry a long way behind the flower of their horsemen.


Muslim and non-Muslim sources agree and disagree on various details. Will the religious fervor and military genius commander of the Rashiduns sweep aside the Byzantines? It is one of the great ironies of history that Emperor Heraclius, who rescued the Byzantine Empire from potential collapse at the hands of the Sassanid Empire, should preside over the defeat of the Byzantine army at the hands of the early Arab caliphs.

It marked the beginning of a tumultuous time for France, a time where Your four points were stated elegantly and there is no way I can expand on them. Sicily and Southern Italy. Behind the center stood the mobile guard under the personal command of Khalid. Even then they were at no substantial tactical disadvantage. The Byzantines retreated west towards Wadi-ur-Ruqqad where there was a bridge at Ayn al Dhakar for safe crossing across the deep gorges of the ravines of Wadi-ur-Ruqqad.

Khorrumg March 24, 6: The two sides took many casualties in this skirmish, after which the Vardatorii retreated.

Battle of Yarmouk

While Heraclius prepared for a major offensive in the Levant, Yazdegerd was to mount a yzrmuk counterattack in Iraqin what was meant to be a well-coordinated effort. The remaining contingents, all European, were placed under Gregory and Dairjan.

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