BJCP Exam Study Guide. Description. Based on BJCP for Dummies. Total Cards. Subject. Other. Level. Not Applicable. Created. 09/03/. Below are the styles as listed in the BJCP Styles Guideline. Links go to pages which have information about beers in that category and links to those. Preface 9/20/ This preface is dated after all of the below information to let you know up front it’s good information. I am leaving all my.

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Links go to pages which have information about beers in that category and links to those individual beer styles.

I’ve taken out the verbatim information from the guideline. Google does not like it when you use duplicate information on your site. So, on each page I’ve written information about the history of each style guude tips on how to brew each beer. Hopefully I will have included information which will help you understand the style better and gain an understanding on what it takes to brew the beer “to style”.


BJCP Exam Study Guide

It has a lot of helpful information on many of the styles in the new guidelines. I will start adding the styles as listed in the BJCP Style Guidelines below these listed for the Guide with links where appropriate.

This will take some time, so bear with me. This will be an ongoing effort until finished, so please check back often, especially if you are studying for the BJCP exam. Check the BJCP style guidelines often to find updates.

BJCP Exam [interim] Study Guide

These updates may include new commercial examples of a style, so in case you need an excuse to try a new beer, this may be it. If you find this site helpful, please link to us!

I use pipedrive as my CRM. For a 30 day extended free trial, click here! I am no longer collecting email addresses for a newsletter and will delete all bjvp address I have collected so far to comply with GDPR.


Metheglins are meads with added spices, herbs, or flowers.

BJCP Exam Center

Learn all about making them here. The next evolution in your mead making will be adding fruit to make melomels. Melomels generally ferment faster and require less aging.

Here is a good list of beer flavor descriptors and descriptions to use when evaluating beer during competitions of just for fun. The perfect gift for the “future homebrewer” in your life. Home Page What’s New! Please show your support by clicking the links and donating