Matchmoving software that enables you to add computer generated effects seamlessly into your film or video footage. boujou 5 allows you to solve complex shots and to step in and work directly with the data. The Reference Frames feature enables users to import still images taken. Does anyone have any video tutorials using both of these programs integrated, from basics to advanced maybe? Anything on youtube with. boujou 5. Search for: Demo Reel. Contact Us. About VidMuze ยท Contact. Articles. Aerial Cinematography (40); Alta Drones (15); Behind the Scenes (9); Featured.

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Boujou and Cinema 4d video tutorials? Does anyone have any video tutorials using both of these programs integrated, from basics to advanced maybe? Anything on youtube with sound? The reading tutorials are not going to cut it, not the best way I learn. View the trailer to the feature film I directed here. There’s a good tutorial on Cinema 4D at lynda. Hey Raptor, thanks for asking. I am trying to track my footage in Boujou and create a mesh, to bring that into Cinema 4D and start animating my model on top of that mesh.

boujou 3d motion tracking tutorial

I really don’t know the workflow at all, I just overheard someone this is how you do it if you want to model something in cinema 4d and have it track to your rutorials. My footage is somewhat shakey with a person moving in the foreground, but I created a polymask and got a good track.

Also there are a few points that show up where i dont want to track, like the sky, i just deleted those thats correct right? I am using the wizard in Boujou 4 I know how to get up to the scene geometry part, don’t know why or what this is for.


Dont know if I should create which or all or some of the following. Then it asks to export the camera to c4d as I chose, and I do it. But don’t I want to create a mesh inside boujou first? Do I want a mesh and none of the scene geometrys? That is for project 1, being able to animate onto a shot scene. My project 2 that I wish to do is, replace a sky in 3d space.

So I key out the sky in my compositing program. Bring that image sequence into boujou. Load the mask of my sky or create a fresh poly mask in boujou. Camera solve, erasing any points that may appear out of the sky.

Dont use any scene geometrys. Export camera data to c4d.

boujou 3d motion tracking tutorial

Load camera in c4d. Load footage with alpha sky. Create a sky in c4d and put it in the background. I have never done any of this, I am attempting to teach myself at the moment. I wouldn’t worry about creating objects in boujou.

Boujou Matchmoving Software by Vicon | VICON

I’d leave the modelling to C4D. I take it you want to create and animate an object added to a scene that has a person moving in it. You’ll need to remove the tracking from the person. To do that, in boujou Srub the slider and adjust the whole mask or just the points of it to track around turorials person. Anything inside of the mask will not be tracked. Just as a note, you can also r-click on the mask and select ‘Invert Mask’.

That would omit everything except the person, if you wanted to track that, which you dont. I made a couple boujou-to-C4D getting started vids. You can watch them here To create one you can download my plugin from rutorials. It creates a polygon whose points are at the same coordinates of the tacking nulls. Then you can draw your mesh from that.


If there are moving objects in your scene you’ll tutorrials to draw a polygon mask around the moving objects so as not to track them.

Othwise I’d also track the rest of the scene as well. That gives more depth information for the camera and helps in placing the sky material later on. You dont need to have it chroma keyed for that part, only in the final composite. So in C4D you open the tracking data, put the scene in a background object boujoj reference. Then add a plane with a sky material loaded in the luminance channel. Dont worry about compositing it yet.

Instead, when your ready to render, hide the background and just render off the sky. So, now you have an animated sky, and the scene.

If you have to do it all in Tugorials, then you’ll need a greyscale tutlrials of the sky cutout from your original chroma key. Then place the original video into a Foreground object with the mask apllied to the alpha channel of the material. With the sky plane in place, render that off. You wont need a background object for that.

It noujou annoying real quick. Hey Gord, I was reading one of your posts on C4d and boujou collaboration. I have a long video clip. In boujou i have about 5 camera solves on one clip. I ended up using boujou and nuke, see my examples of 3D matchmoving and environments here.

When the next question about boujou comes up maybe you’ll be willing to help.