Boy-sandwich. Front Cover. Beryl Gilroy. Heinemann, – Fiction – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Boy-sandwich. Conveys the ways in which three generations of a West Indian family have been affected by life in Britain. For the grandparents, confined to the tyranny of an old. From Boy-Sandwich*. By Beryl Gilroy. Today Grandma is in her chair. She is clutching her bag, which is stuffed like a pregnant capybara with her possessions .

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Her grandmother also took the view that the child would learn more by being taken all over the county with her, and being given space for wonder and enquiry, than in the regimented system of primary schooling. As a result Beryl Gilroy did not enter full time schooling until she was twelve.

She recalls the importance of the gift her grandfather gave her of a dictionary after suffering the humiliation of laughter over some childish misuse of a word.


In she returned to teaching and eventually became probably the first Black headteacher in the UK. Her experiences of those years are told in Black Teacher Later she worked as a researcher at the University of London and developed a pioneering practice in psychotherapy, working mainly with Black women and children.

But as bfryl home-based person brryl North London suburbia, cut off from the networks of the male dominated London Caribbean writing fraternity and later from groups such as CAM Caribbean Artists Movementit was not until that her first novel, the award winning Frangipani House was published Heinemann. Boy Sandwich also Heinemann was published infollowed by Steadman and Joanna: Beryl Gilroy was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of London and an Honorary Fellowship by the Institute of Education for her writing and pioneering work as gilriy psychotherapist.

Beryl’s death caused a silence on Peepal Tree’s phone line that has been a painful absence.


Beryl Gilroy | Peepal Tree Press

She rang us regularly, to encourage, sometimes to berate, to talk about the often delayed publishing of her books in progress, and sometimes just to sandwixh. She was like a mother to us and we miss her badly.

bberyl Registered company number VAT registration number GB Skip to main content. Identities Guyana, United Kingdom. Titles featuring Beryl Gilroy. In Praise of Love and Children. The Green Grass Tango. Sunlight on Sweet Water.

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