Fifty years ago an innovative report was published which outlined a The Brambell report, as it’s now known, said animals should have: “the. The allegation is that the codes fall far short of the Brambell Report. We should bear in mind, however, that most of the main Brambell recommendations . As a direct result of the Brambell Report, the Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (FAWAC) was set up. This was disbanded at the same.

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Animal Welfare: Freedoms, Dominions and “A Life Worth Living”

The Five Freedoms feport five aspects of animal welfare under human control. They were developed in response to a UK Government report on livestock husbandry, and were formalized in press statement by the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council. The five freedoms as currently expressed are: Inthe UK government commissioned an investigation, led by Professor Roger Brambellinto the welfare of intensively farmed animals, partly in response to concerns raised in Ruth Harrison ‘s book, Animal Machines.


The Brambell Report stated “An animal should at least have sufficient freedom of movement to be able without difficulty, to turn round, groom Itself, get up, lie down and stretch its limbs”.

As a result of the report, the Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Committee was created to monitor the livestock production sector. In Julythis was replaced by the Farm Animal Welfare Counciland by the end of that year, the five freedoms had been brxmbell into the recognisable list format.

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For the rules governing commercial aviation, see Freedoms of the air. Archived from the original on Federation of Veterinarians of Europe.

World Organisation for Animal Health. Retrieved 2 October Farm Animal Welfare Council. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved from ” https: Animal welfare Animals and humans introductions Law in the United Kingdom. Views Read Edit View history.

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