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If by chance you have come across this article before reading the article on what those 4 levels are all about — it would be my recommendation that you first read that article so that you can see how this particular level will fit into the big picture.

This article will be dealing with the 4th level mentioned in that article — and that is how to cast out demons who are attacking someone as a result of a generational curse line that has formed out between that person and one or both of his sinning parents. Here is the verse that specifically tells us that this is a definite possibility if the sins of the father are considered to be extreme enough by God the Father:. For I, the Generatiomal your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to curss third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

In other words, sin has consequences, and if the sins are on the heavier side, then the consequences could be extreme. Once the demons attach to the sinning parent, they will then attempt to try and jump and transfer down to some of the children in the family to form out a curse line. If this curse line ends up getting formed out — then the demons will follow that child into his adult life and try to get them to commit the same types of sins their sinning parent had been committing.

This is why alcoholic fathers sometimes produce children that end up becoming alcoholics themselves — all as a result of a curse line that had been formed out between that child and his alcoholic father — with demons then feeding and operating on that curse line trying to influence the child to go in the same direction his sinning parent had been going in.

Here is a perfect example of how this principle will work in our natural realm. Say you have a father who is a severe alcoholic. He marries, has several children, but never breaks his addiction to the alcohol during his entire married life. As a result of his addiction, all of his children will be forced to watch all of the negative things that will be going along with it.

As a result of this kind of severe transgression against the Lord, demons will be allowed to come in and attach themselves to the sinning alcoholic father.

The demons will have full legal right to be able to come directly after the father for crossing over into this kind of an extreme realm to begin with if God should so choose to allow this to happen. Once the demons attach and settle in on the sinning, alcoholic father, they will then see which of the children they can try and target.

What they will try and do is persuade and influence one or more of the children to become an alcoholic themselves — just like their father was. As a result of this kind of direct demonic influence that will start early on in their lives, some of these children will then end up becoming alcoholics themselves once they are old enough to leave their home and move into their own marriages.

Some of these children then end up repeating some of the same dysfunctional behaviors as their sinning alcoholic father had done. They then have their own children, those children then see, watch, and experience their dysfunctional behavior — and then some of their children end up coming under direct, demonic influence as they did and they in turn then end up becoming alcoholics themselves. And then the cycle keeps repeating itself as you keep going further down the bloodline of these families.

And all of this negative and demonic activity going down to at least 3 or 4 generations of future children all started as a result of the severe sins and transgressions of the one sinning father or mother.

This scenario perfectly lines up with what the above verse is trying to tell us with the sins of a father being able to travel down as far as 3 or 4 generations of future children — all because no one knew how to break the original curse line that had formed out between the first alcoholic father and some of his original children.

What initially goes on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm is that the demons, once they have attached and settled in on the first sinning father, will try and see which of the children will be easier pickings for them to try and influence to go in the same direction as they have been able to get their father to go in.


Some of the children will have stronger will power than some of the other ones will, and they will thus be able to more easily resist the temptations of the demons than some of the weaker ones will. Once the demons have locked in on which children they think will be the more easier ones to work with — they will then try and plant their suggestions, thoughts, and promptings into that child to see if they can get him to move into the same behavior patterns as their father has been operating in.

If the child does not properly resist these demons over a certain period of time, then a curse line will start to form out between that child and his sinning alcoholic father. And once that curse line has been formed out, then the demons can really move in to attach to the child — whether it be on the inside of that child or the outside. And once this curse line has been formed out — then the demons will now have a full legal right to stay attached to that child until someone comes along and shows him how to properly break it in the name of Jesus Christ.

If this curse line is not properly broken before that child leaves the home, then the demons will stay attached to that child when he finally does leave the home and they will follow him into his own marriage — and then they will set up shop in the new home and try to repeat all of the above activity with his new family. And again — all of this demonic activity is being allowed to occur as a result of the original sin from the first sinning parent.

I have personally met several women who had carried demons into their married lives — all as a result of a curse line that had formed out between them and their natural mother or father who had been operating in one or more of these heavier types of transgressions against the Lord. This kind of demonic activity can also happen with people who are heavy drug users, people who are delving into any of the dark occult arts, or any parts of the New Age Movement.

This is why it is so breqking important that parents have their act together with the Lord — especially in the area of some of these heavier type sins and transgressions.

Any of those specific sins listed in that article can be major door openers to demons. And not only will you be drawing demons to yourself if you engage and cross over into some of these forbidden areas by the Lord — but you will also be putting some of your own children at generstional risk with these same demons once they have moved into your house to set up shop.

You do not have to continue to be tormented, harassed, and chased after by these demons for the rest of your life. You can stop them dead in their tracks right now if you are willing to properly break their legal rights before God the Father — and then turn around and verbally engage with these demons operating under the authority, power, and guidance of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

In order to properly break the curse line that these demons have been feeding and operating on — you will have to take 6 very simple, but powerful steps.

Testimony and Battle Prayer to Break a Generational Curse Line

I will explain srtongholds you what each one of these steps will entail. I will then give you an exact battle prayer that Bgeaking had given to a young 16 year old teenage girl who had demons trying to attach to her as a result of the severe sins of her natural father.

This girl only had to say this battle prayer one time and the demons immediately left her and they have not been back since.

Once you properly break the legal rights of the demonsand then verbally engage with them — the demons will then leave you! Demons are no match for the power of God. If this little 16 year old girl can take these demons out with the appropriate battle strategy — then so can any adult Christian who is willing to take up his Sword, which is the Word of God, and verbally engage with these demons.

Read below or add a comment I need a help plssssssss.

How to Break a Generational Curse

I am a christian and i believe in god and trust in him and have faith but what a my doing wrong lately some things have not been going well in my life, and i was told that it is because of a generational pulking why i can not seems to be successful in life, so i will like to get some material to read on how to go about praying to break this curses and fully serve god. Please am under the influence of negative wave harming me everyday blocking my future success please pray and help me break this curse so that I can achieved my goal thanks you for your help.

In the name of Jesus I greet you. Thank you for the word of God.

Breaking Generational Curses Pulling Down Strongholds by Vito Rallo

Please help me heal my soul from loneliness. I ask for my children to be drawn closer to God our Father. Let Him be their all. Please read Ezekiel 18, the full chapter. Also, as a re-born child of God, you are a new creature, born of God, seed of Abraham. No curse can hold upon you, only blessings, unless you allow curses upon you by believing it. There are many verses in the bible that speak on deliverance. Every Christian needs deliverance from contamination of the flesh and spirit.


My brother in Christ!! Better seek revelation in the word of God because it is open to revelation. It will be impossible for you if you have not been revealed to the ways of the devil,the depths of the devil. Please read this below. I have a generational curse from my great aunt Dora she is into which craft and also her children know which or probably my age or a little older.

Her and my grandma was fighting over my grandfather and she put a generational curse on the family she says she will be the last to live her husband left her she brung him back.

No one ever keeps a relationship or the financial state is always problems.

I really need genwrational take this off my family. My grandma could of did this a long time ago and reverse this she said no because she went to church and also I remember my grandma being very sick and white powder and a white line was around my grandmas house when I was younger. It was a lot going on but I really need help to break this. To Mac, I have exactly the same situation! I feel certain that there is a curse on me and my family.

Breaking Generational Curses Pulling Down Strongholds

I want this curse to be lifted from my family and the generations to come. There has been sins in my family with my mother, father and prior generations. I feel that I was led here by the holy spirit and the precious mercy and grace by me savior. The list of curses are emotional instability fear, family break down divorce lack poverty inability to produce debtors please any information to break the cures will help. I give to Lord and breakimg for years….

I pray with people every chance I get…. Romans 12 says we can transform our minds, by the renewing of our mind. I believe our brains are as computers…garbage in, garbage out. Be careful what you watch on tv, video games, music, etc. This will help to reprogram your actions. Listen to Christian music when you are angry and want to rage. Give it to God in prayer! My husband has this same problem and he is a long time Christian who battled this over the years….

By the blood of Jesus, which was shed on the cross for me, I have the mind of Christ, I have self control and patience and because I love God, I love others as myself, and therefore I do not express ungodly anger or rage. Say it everyday several times a day til you know you are an overcomer! I want to know how to pray for someone — a relative who is under the influence of an alcoholic spirit from her father, whose father was also an alcoholic. She is my half sister.

I call her my real sister though as I was there when she was born and we were raised together although I left home when she was about I was the only one in the house who was a Christian at this time.

The last time I visited I was talking to her for the 3rd time about healing rooms and when I said I believe God would brexking set her free from alcoholism a demon manifested. The only think I knew to do was to keep calling my sister back and when I asked her if she wanted it to go. I must admit I breakong scared but felt I could do nothing if she would not say she actually wanted it it go.

She actually came after me, her husband and her son and she remembers nonr of this!

The alcoholism was so bad on this visit, she could not string two words together that entire time I was there. ;ulling was apparently drinking as a youngster after I left home, then again at times when she had finally become a spirit filled Christian, and then it got very bad when she got married and drank to avoid hurts her husband was causing, she is now remarried and all the stuff she went thru at the hands of the former husband and the father of her children before that puling finally coming out and there are awful things going on w her children things you would only see on tv and she drinks to get rid of the stress and pain.

She has been in rehab 3 times to no avail. After this last visit which invlolved the manifestationthe entire family is sweeping it under the rug and saying it was just alcohol.

Even though her husband also an alcoholic! I did what I knew to do at the time, but I was admittedly scared and having known of such things and seen it to the side while on mission trips, but never been a part of one in person, did the best I could.