DESCRIPTION. The Brooks® Model E Mass Flow Controller accurately measures and controls gas flows. The heart of the system is the removable flow. Find great deals for Brooks E Mass Flow Controller 30 SLPM Gas H2. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Brooks Mass Flow Controller e Series. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The Brooks E mass flow controller is used to measure flow rate for aerospace, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.

Regardless of the application, Brooks E mass flow controller broooks is important to ensure accurate flow measurements. These pieces need to be tested periodically to make sure that readings are valid.

Brooks 5850E Mass Flow Controller 30 SLPM Gas H2

The tube directs the flow inside the controller. The flow is broooks to pass an upstream temperature sensor, then a heater, and finally a downstream temperature sensor.


The heat is directed toward the center of the tube. During flow, heat is moved away from the upstream sensor towards the downstream sensor.

The temperature difference between the sensors is proportional to the gas flow rate. A frequently seen issue that impairs Brooks E mass flow controller calibration is damage to the internal tube.

Cleanliness of the internal tube can also have an effect on the instruments calibration. Through continual testing, the technicians at our Northeast Ohio calibration laboratory have noted issues that arise from a damaged or dirty tube.

The severity can brooka from a slight bend to a fully collapsed tube.

Brooks E – Coastal Instruments – Mass Flow Controller Specialists

A clogged or dirty tube will not provide accurate readings. Damage can impede or block flow. During the Brooks E mass flow controller calibration process, a technician verifies that the btooks is performing correctly.

If a mass flow controller fails testing, the technician will investigate the cause of the issue. If the internal tube is found to brookw damaged, the technician can replace it. If the tube is found to be dirty or clogged, the technician can clean the tube depending on the severity of the clog. Calibration testing will take place after tube replacement or cleaning.


E & i Series Elastomer Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controller | Brooks Instrument

The owner also has the option of replacing the mass flow controller. If you have any questions about how to determine Brooks E mass flow controller calibration intervals, or would like a quote, contact the team at e2b calibration. Click the button below to request a free 585e0 from our accredited calibration lab. Request a Quote Instant Membership.

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