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Register your product on-line at http: Your registration with Brother: Security features TX Lock Telephone and External devices Voice operations Printing Reports Fax reports Menu and Features On-screen programming Guide Reading the documentation will help you make the most of your machine.

Guide in PDF format. This format is recommended for Turn on your PC. Insert the Brother printing the manuals. There are several ways you can scan documents. The following window will appear. General Information How to find Scanning instructions There are several ways you can scan documents. You can find the instructions as follows: Chapter 1 Control panel overview Use these keys to dial telephone and fax numbers and as a keyboard for entering Lets you access Fax mode.

Scan The key lets you temporarily switch the dialling mode during a telephone call from Colour Start Lets you start sending faxes or making copies in full colour.

MFCCN | Australia | Brother Solutions Center

Also lets you start a scanning operation in colour or mono, depending on the scanning setting in the ControlCenter software. In this example the when the machine is idle. Mode Manuql setting is changed from 2 minutes to 30 seconds. Loading documents and paper Loading documents Make sure documents written with ink are completely dry. You can brothwr a fax, make copies, and scan Fan the pages well. Make sure you put from the ADF automatic document feeder the documents face down, top edge and from the scanner glass.

Chapter 2 Scannable area How to load documents Note The scannable maanual depends on the settings in the application you are using. The figures To use the scanner glass, the ADF must below show the areas you cannot scan on be empty.

To get the best print quality, we suggest using Brother paper. Chapter 2 Paper capacity of the output paper Transparencies or photo paper must be picked up from the output paper tray one tray page at a time to avoid smudging. Chapter 2 Loading paper and Press and slide the paper side guides 1 and paper length guide 2 to fit the other media paper size. Note To print on Photo L or 10 x 15 cm paper, see Loading photo brther on page 46cn the paper support flap is open, close it, and then pull the paper tray completely out of the machine.

Loading documents and paper Gently put the paper into the paper tray Gently adjust brohter paper side guides to print side down and top edge first. Check that the paper is flat in the tray.

Make sure the paper side guides touch the brotther of the paper. Chapter 2 While holding the paper tray in place, Glue Double flap pull out the paper support 1 until it clicks and unfold the paper support flap 2. Occasionally you may experience paper feed problems caused by the thickness, size and flap shape of the envelopes you are using.


Loading documents and paper Loading photo paper Put the envelopes or post cards into the paper tray with the address side down and the leading edge top of the Use the photo paper tray, which has bfother envelopes in first.

Bother 2 Removing small printouts Put the photo paper into the photo paper tray and gently adjust the paper side from the machine guides to the paper.

Make sure the paper side guides touch When the machine ejects small paper onto the sides of the paper. Loading documents and paper Printable area The printable area depends on brotherr settings in the application you are using.

Brother MFC-465CN User Manual

The figures below show the unprintable brothef on cut sheet paper and envelopes. The machine can only print in the shaded mf when the Borderless print feature is available and turned on. Cut Sheet Paper Envelopes Top 1. You can change the amount External Delayed Fax of time the machine takes after the last Mahual, factory Other Photo or Transparency. Press a or b to choose Letter, Legal, A4, A5 or 10x15cm.

General brotheg Volume Settings Beeper Volume When the beeper is on, the machine will beep Ring Volume when you press a key, make a 4665cn or after you mffc or receive a fax. You can choose a range of ring volume You can choose a range of volume levels, levels, from High to Off.

It will You can adjust the LCD contrast manuall a sharper reset itself forward one hour in the Spring and and more vivid display. General setup Setting the Dim Timer for the Note backlight When the display is off you can press any key to turn it back on. You can set how long the LCD backlight stays on after the last key press. Setting the Wallpaper Press Menu.

Sending faxes Press OK. Press a or b to choose Press a or b to choose Fax. When you want to send a fax, or change fax Faxing from the ADF broter or receive settings, press the Fax key manusl illuminate it in green. If you press Mono Start, the Colour faxes cannot be stored in the memory. Broadcasting is when the same fax message is automatically sent to more than one fax Press a or b to choose Fax. Sending a fax Additional sending Contrast operations If your document is very light or very dark, you may want to change the contrast.

For most documents the factory setting Auto can be Sending faxes using multiple used. It automatically chooses the suitable settings contrast for your document. Chapter 5 Note Note You can choose four different resolution If the Out of Memory message appears settings for monochrome faxes and two while scanning documents, press for colour.

Monochrome Real time transmission Suitable for most typed Sending a fax Overseas Mode Delayed Batch Transmission Monochrome only If you are having difficulty sending a fax overseas due to possible interference on the Before sending the delayed faxes, your telephone line, we recommend that you turn machine will help you economize by sorting on the Overseas mode. Manual transmission lets you hear the Setting your changes as a dialling, ringing and fax-receiving tones while sending a fax.


You can save the fax settings for Fax Resolution, Contrast, Load your document. Receiving a Fax Receive modes You must choose a receive mode depending on the external devices and telephone services you have on your line. Choosing the Receive Mode By default, your machine will automatically receive any faxes that are sent to it.


The diagram below will help you choose the correct mode. You may want to calls. Incoming calls will be dealt with in one change the ring delay before using these of the following ways: Printing a reduced incoming The machine receives a fax call automatically, even if you answer the call.

Receiving a Fax Receiving faxes into memory Printing a fax from the Monochrome only memory As soon as the paper tray becomes empty If you have chosen fax storage, you can still during fax reception, the LCD shows print a fax from the memory when you are at No Paper Fed; Call your local telephone subscriber telephone service that some company to find out about the kind of telephone companies offer.

Chapter 7 Press a or b to choose Display ID. Press a or b to choose The Caller ID list will appear on the display. If no ID is stored, the beeper will Initial Setup. Sign subscriber service which allows you to have at least two separate telephone Note numbers on one telephone line. You may choose to connect an external answering device. Telephone and External devices External and extension Note telephones We recommend beginning your OGM with an initial 5-second silence because the machine cannot hear fax tones over a Connecting an external or resonant or loud voice.

You may try omitting this pause, but if your machine extension telephone has trouble receiving, then you must re-record the OGM to include it. Chapter 7 This new connection configuration can be Note arranged by contacting BT, Kingston upon You can also use the Fax Detect feature to Hull Telecommunications, your PBX make your machine automatically take the maintainer or a qualified telephone call.

See Fax Detect on page Telephone and External devices Changing the remote codes Note If you want to use Remote Activation, you These telephones are now connected as have to turn on the remote codes. The preset external devices see Connecting an Remote Activation Code is l 5 1. The preset external or extension Remote Deactivation Code is 5 1. Press all of the digits of the fax or telephone Press Speed Dial.

You can also choose Speed Dial by pressing Fax. Press a or b to choose the number you This feature requires the Caller ID subscriber want to redial. Press a or b to choose Send a fax. Chapter 8 Storing numbers Enter the fax or telephone number up to 20 digits. You can set up your machine to do the following types of easy dialling: Speed Dial Do one of the following: Do one of the following: Enter the second fax or telephone Enter the second fax or telephone number up to 20 digits.

Chapter 8 Setting up groups for Do one of the following: See Press a or b to choose Setup Groups. Reports on page Advanced fax operations Monochrome only You can only use one advanced fax Note operation at a time: On, the Fax Forwarding machine will also print the fax at your machine so you will have a copy.