“Energibestemmelserne i det nye bygningsreglement, BR08”. Kirsten Engelund Thomsen (Lecturer). 26 Jan Activity: Talk or presentation types › Talks and . and European Commission, DG Environment. 2 Energy Service Denmark, facta- sheet “Bygningsreglement BR08”, in Danish, 1. Ventilationsanlæg. • Del af Bygningsreglement danske forhold. •. Standarden omfatter heller ikke passivhuse, hvor der er givet dispensation fra BR08 kravet til.

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Anvisning om Bygningsreglement Egnede membransystemer til radonsikring: PE-membraners levetid i byggeriet: Radon levels in rented accommodation.

Sundhedsfare og vejledning i arbejde med asbest. Method of testing airtightness – 2. Radon Infiltration in Rented Accommodation. To upgrade or not to upgrade: Issues for consideration upgrading old apartment buildings. Radon i danske lejeboliger. Radonsikring af eksisterende bygninger. Refurbishing Heritage and Historic Buildings: Key Motivation, Benefits and Challenges. Extensive Renovation of Heritage Buildings: Extensive renovation the pathology of heritage building.

Extensive renovation the pathology of heritage buildings: Radonsikring b0r8 nye bygninger. Lydisolering i bygninger – teori og vurdering. Model nygningsreglement Refurbishment of Heritage Buildings. Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation. Energetic Refurbishment of Historic Brick Buildings: Example of Measures to improve the thermal envelope of solid brick buildings.

Towards nZEB – some examples of national requirements and roadmaps: REHVA

Model for cooperation between parties upgrading historic buildings. A strategic approach for existing buildings to withstand climate change. Analysing and planning energetic refurbishment measures on a historic and listed site. Compliance with new provision for radon concentrations.


Torben Valdbjørn Rasmussen

Quality of the Thermal Envelope. Novel Protection Against Radon. Use of sensitivity analysis to evaluate hygrothermal conditions in solid brick walls with interior insulation. Ybgningsreglement of sensitivity analysis to evaluate hygrothermal conditions in solid brick walls with interior insulations.

Adapting to Climate Change.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Measures, Savings and Requirements. A simplified method using compressed air to determine air leakage. Post-insulation of Existing Buildings Constructed Between and Fugt i boliger og byggeri.

Achieving airtightness of the building envelope in practice: An instrument to comply with the Kyoto protocol. Forskning i klimatilpasning af byggeri. Klimatilpasning ved drift og nybyggeri. BR08 – det nye bygningsreglement.

Datablade, Beskrivelser af byggerier med klimatilpasning. Komforthusene i Skibet ved Vejle: Assessment of the performance of organic brr08 mineral-based insulation products in exterior walls and attics in dwellings. Density of loose-fill insulation: Material exposed to cyclic humidity conditions. RSS feed of this list.

Title Type and 1st author Year and 1st author Year, type and 1st author Publication year and created date Publication year Type and year. Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, Aalborg Universitet, Trafik- Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen. Energy ProcediaVol.

Construction Industry Council Hong Kong Journal of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureVol. Adaptive and Interactive Buildings and Disrticts. International Science Index Conference Proceedings: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Bygnintsreglement, Building for a Changing World. CIB Proceedings Improving the Energy Efficiency of Historic Buildings: A handbook of best practice examples, technical solutions and research projects.

Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University. Environmental and Climate TechnologiesVol. Report of Co2olBricks Work Package 3: Creating a Resilient and Regenerative Build Environment. Creating a Resilient and Regenerative Build Environment: Indoor AirVol. Open House InternationalVol. Energetic refurbishment of historic buildings in the Baltic Sea Region: Queensland University of Technology, Proceedings of the 5th International Building Physics Conference: Technical University of Graz Publishing, Departementet for Boliger, Infrastruktur og Trafik, Kyoto, Jaan, May Proceedings of the World sustainable building bygningsreglemnt Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics: Tampere University Press, Climate Adaptation in the Nordic Countries: Buildings XI International Conference: Koordineringsenhed for forskning i klimatilpasning KFT Lederens guide til styring af klimaindsatsen.


Proceedings of the 4th international building physics conference: Energy efficiency and new approaches, JuneIstanbul. Istanbul Technical University, Abstract from 4th International Building physics Conference.

Torben Valdbjørn Rasmussen – Research – Research Portal, Aalborg University

Abstract booklet, Istanbul, Turkey. The Future is in the Balance: Symposium on Building Envelope Sustainability Proceedings. Proceedings of the World Sustainable Building Conference. Nordic Journal of Building Physics: Acta Physica Aedificiorum Building and EnvironmentVol. Nordic Innovation Centre, Previous 1 2 Next. Find bygnintsreglement on social media Facebook YouTube.