Cameyo is a free application virtualization software to create Portable Apps. It can turn Windows software into a single EXE file. There are not. Tutorials and Guides Thanks to the free program Cameyo, you can create your own portable versions of any program, TAGS; Cameyo. cameyo, your portable application builder. FREE and fast, Tutorial. We need some sort of portable software when we are unable to install any.

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Portable apps are the applications that run directly on any Windows system without the need of installation. This makes it possible to carry these apps on a flash drive and use them tutorkal any Windows system, at the office, in your school lab, or in a public cyber cafe.

And when it comes to portable apps, I find Cameyo to be the best tool for that.

Cameyo simplifies your software needs by allowing you to carry your favorite or czmeyo apps with you. It also helps free up storage space on your computer while liberating you from installing and uninstalling rarely used apps. You can make portable bundles for occasionally needed applications and run their portable editions when you actually need them.

Cameyo creates portable packages with advanced virtualization technology that makes them portable on various Windows systems. Cameyo also competes well with various free application virtualization tools such as PortableApps.

Portable apps created using Cameyo can be used on any system without the need of installing the software.

Cameyo can be used to create cloud packages of applications, which can easily run in any HTML5-compatible browsers. It allows you to run your portable apps on various target platforms without the need of installing any third-party software like Wine, etc. The cloud packaging feature is tutlrial to Cameyo and is not available in other app packages. Cameyo allows you to encrypt your data in the portable package, thus tutogial it against un-authorized use.

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This feature too is not available in other portable app creators. This is not possible in other portable app builders as their portable packages can run only on Windows platforms. Cameyo allows even the restricted users and non-administrators to create portable applications on a system.

This feature is either not available in other portable app creators or may require admin privileges for creating portable editions of some applications. Cameyo allows developers to create various types of user restrictions on the portable packages like active directory group, expiration, password, scripting, etc.

The portable applications created by Cameyo can run in two virtualization modes — RAM and hard disk. This allows people to run these portable apps on Windows systems having less RAM or memory. You would not find this dual-mode functionality in other portable app makers.

With Cameyo you can create SDK for portable apps easily and flexibly. This online library allows you to download portable packages of various popular and commonly used open source and free applications. You can simply download portable packages according to your requirements without the hassle of creating them yourself. Cameyo lacks an app menu that can be used to list and search for installed or stored portable applications.

Another thing that Cameyo misses out on is an automatic updater for portable packageswhich can be used to auto-update the portable versions of the software when the original software gets an update. For that, I am using Cameyo 2. Congratulations, you have successfully created a portable application through Cameyo. You can now open the created portable application by double-clicking on its icon and it will start working instantly without the need of cumbersome installation process.


Create Portable Apps (Runs Without Installation) Using Cameyo

Cameyo is free for personal use and is best suited for home usage as well as for small and medium scale businesses. You can distribute apps to around fifty users. It includes great virtualization, Windows 8 and bit supportdifferent virtualization types and online packaging of three apps per month.

You can also get Cameyo for developer license, however for a price of USD. Cameyo developer license includes all the features of personal cameo along with command-line packaging, Cameyo SDK, custom logo, support for package editor, and online packaging functionality and online packaging of 50 apps per month.

You can also opt for the enterprise license of Cameyo by requesting a quote. This option is suitable for large organizations and enterprises that want to distribute multiple apps to people. It includes all the features of developer license along with the flexibility of distributing caneyo packages of multiple apps to unlimited users. Do you use Cameyo? Which is the first application that you turned into a portable package?

what you in NEED?: cameyo, your portable application builder. FREE and fast, Tutorial

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