Canon PIXMA Pro series Photo Printer Quick Start Guide. Copyright. This manual is copyrighted by Canon U.S.A., Inc. with all rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this If any one of the ink lamps is unlit, press the mark on the ink tank to fully insert it. If an ink lamp is Pentium II MHz *3. MB. MB. Pro Mark II series User Manual (Windows) This manual describes instructions such as how to use the driver and application software. Canon Pro Mark II series On-screen Manual Page 1 of pages How to Use This Manual Printing This Manual MCV Troubleshooting Basic.

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PIXMA Pro Mark II – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

Do not attempt to use the printer in any way not described in this manual. It causes unexpected accident, fire, or electric shock.

Safety Precautions Page 4 of pages Always unplug the printer from the power outlet before cleaning the printer. If you accidentally switch the printer on while cleaning it, you could injure yourself or damage the printer.

Maintaining Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the printer. There are the printer no user serviceable parts inside the printer. Safety Precautions Page 5 of pages Do not transport or use the printer on a slant, vertically or upside-down, as the ink may leak and damage the printer. Print Heads Keep ink tanks out of the reach of children. Paper Guide Slide to align with the left side of the paper stack.

You can set the printer to turn off automatically when no print data is sent for a certain interval. For details on the settings, refer to the on-screen manual: Main Components Page 9 of pages Power lamp lights blue: The printer is ready to print.

Power lamp flashes blue: The printer is getting ready to print, or printing is in progress.

Canon Pro9500 Mark II Series On-screen Manual

An error has occurred and the printer is not ready to print. Canpn details, refer to ” Main Components Page 10 of pages 21 Ink lamp Lights or flashes red to indicate the ink tank status. Important Do not manuao this lever after installing the Print Head. You can easily print photos taken with your digital camera by using Easy-PhotoPrint EX supplied with your printer.

This section describes the procedure, using the settings to print borderless photos on 4″ Make sure that your printer’s name is selected in Printer. Select Rear Tray in Paper Source. Select the size and type of the loaded paper in Paper Size and Media Type. To display the printer status monitor, click Canon Pr9o500 where ” ” is your printer’s name on the taskbar.

For details, refer to the on-screen manual: Easy-PhotoPrint Pro caon easy performance of various photo prints, such as borderless print, index print, grayscale print, or print using Adobe RGB. Printing Documents Windows Page 20 of pages Specify the cankn print settings. The settings suitable for caonn print object such as media type or print quality will also appear. Cancel Printing on the printer status monitor. If printed ruled lines are misaligned or print results are unsatisfactory, adjust the print head position.


Printing Documents Macintosh Page 23 of pages Specify the required print settings. Select the page size of the loaded paper in Paper Size.

Here we select A4. Select the media type of the loaded paper in Media Type. Note Click the printer icon in the Dock cnon display the list of print jobs in progress. To cancel a print job in progress, select the desired job in the Name list and click Delete. To temporarily stop a job in progress, click Hold. Printing Documents Macintosh Page 25 of pages Specify the required print settings. Select Print on the File menu in your software application. The Print dialog box will appear.

This section also introduces other useful functions; Solution Menu and My Printer. PictBridge A device with this mark is PictBridge compliant. With some Canon brand Single Lens Reflex cameras that are PictBridge compliant, you can select a desired color mode and make detailed color adjustments.

Note We recommend Canon genuine photo paper for printing photos. Align the paper stack with the right edge of the Rear Tray. Important Always load ppro9500 in the portrait orientation A.

Loading Paper in the Front Tray Page 38 of pages paper feeding position. Make sure that the Front Feed button is lit. Prepare for loading paper. Pull out the Front Tray Extension. Make sure that the Power lamp is lit and the Front Feed button is flashing quickly. Power lamp is flashing, wait until it stops flashing and stays lit. Loading Paper in the Front Tray Page 40 of pages The paper feeds into the printer automatically and the Front Feed button flashes slowly.

The printer is ready to start printing. Canon provides you various types of paper to enhance the fun of printing, such as stickers as well as papers for photo or document. We recommend the use of Canon genuine paper for printing your important photos. For information on the page sizes available for each Canon genuine paper, visit our website. You may not be able to purchase some Canon genuine papers depending on the country or region of purchase.

Paper is not sold in the US by Model Number. Paper that is too thick Rear Tray: Non-Canon genuine specialty paper Front Tray: Hold the paper as closely as possible to its edges and try not to touch the printing surface.

The print quality may be degraded if the printing surface is smudged with sweat or oil that comes from your hands. Important Handling ink To maintain optimal print quality, we recommend the use of specified Canon brand ink tanks.

Refilling ink is not recommended. If you remove an ink tank, replace it immediately. Do not leave the printer with ink tanks removed. Replacing an Ink Tank Page 49 of pages replacing the ink tank, be sure to close it. Replace the ink tank with the lamp flashing fast. Push the tab B and lift the ink tank to remove. Important Handle the ink tank carefully to avoid staining of clothing or the surrounding area.


Replacing an Ink Tank Page 50 of pages Discard the protective cap once it is removed. Important Do not touch the electrical contacts E on the ink tank. It can cause the printer to malfunction or become unable to print.

Canon Pro Mark II Series Manuals

Important If you shake the ink tank, the ink may spill out and stain your hands and the surrounding area. Replacing an Ink Tank Page 51 of pages Important You cannot print mzrk the ink tank is installed in the wrong position.

Be sure to install the ink tank in the correct position according to the label on the Print Head Holder. You cannot print unless all the ink tanks are installed. Check the Alarm lamp on the printer.

Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II Manuals

Refer to ” Troubleshooting ” in the on-screen manual: With the Computer Screen You can confirm the status of each ink tank with the printer status monitor Windows or the Canon To confirm the ink tank information, click the Ink Details menu. Note You can also display the printer status monitor by clicking Canon XXX where ” XXX ” is your printer’s name which appears on the taskbar while printing.

Follow the procedure below to print the nozzle check pattern, check the print head nozzle condition, then clean the Print Head. You need to prepare: Gently press the upper center of the Front Tray to open it. Important If the Inner Cover is open, close it. The nozzle check pattern will be printed. Do not perform any other operations until the printer completes the printing of the nozzle check pattern.

Note Clicking Initial Check Items displays the items to be checked before printing the nozzle check pattern. Cleaning unclogs the nozzles and restores the print head condition. Cleaning the Print Head Page 62 of pages Select the ink group to clean.

Check the printed nozzle check pattern. Cleaning the Print Head deeply consumes more ink than the standard cleaning of the Print Head, so clean the Print Head deeply only when necessary.

Make sure that Cleaning is selected in the pop-up menu. Select the ink group to clean deeply. Contact the service center. The print head alignment pattern will be printed and the printer will adjust the print head position automatically.