STUDIA. DISSERT A TIONES. POHL: SERIES MAIOR DE REBUS ORIENTIS ANTIQUI. SCIENTIFICAE. 9 RICHARD CAPLICE. with the collaboration of DANIEL. Ive heard about some funding offers not be provided until after the visitation weekend. I think they use it as an extra motivator to choose their. Introduction to Akkadian has 23 ratings and 3 reviews. Adam said: stars [ Language]This textbook is only 86 pages long, plus 10 more pages of quasi-u.

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Akkadian (Caplice) Flashcards

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Introduction to the Akkadian Language. Bronson Brown-deVost Course Description: Akkadian is an zkkadian, long dead, language from the same family as Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic.

It was at home in and aakkadian the area of modern-day Iraq, but was also the international language of diplomacy throughout the ancient world in the second and early first millennium BCE. Its corpus contains everything from receipts and legal documents to grand royal inscriptions, literary compositions and religious texts.

Akkadian (Caplice) – Online Flashcards by Matus Imrich | Brainscape

Cuneiform, the writing system with which the language was recorded, utilized various groups of wedge- shaped impressions made in clay and stone as well as a few other materials to record both sounds and whole words.

This course caplkce elementary Akkadian is an introduction to the fundamentals of Old Babylonian grammar and a large number of the commonest Neo-Assyrian cuneiform signs. No prior knowledge of other Semitic languages is required.

A Grammar of Akkadian. Harvard Semitic Studies Key to A Grammar of Akkadian. Bronson Brown-deVost bronson brandeis. TBD, or by appointment. Course readings and assignments are to be completed before class and will be necessary to get the most out of each class session. Every class session will begin with a short minute quiz on vocabulary, grammar, and cuneiform signs; these quizzes will be peer-graded. It will be necessary to be in class on time to take part in these quizzes; accommodations for tardy attendance may rarely be granted on a per case basis those with difficulty getting to the class room on time should discuss this with me prior to the second class session.


You may make arrangements to retake as many as two of these quizzes in the case of an unexpected absence, any missed exam must be completed before the next class session. All of your work for this class is expected to be your own. If you have any questions concerning academic honesty, please see me to discuss the situation. If you are a student with zkkadian documented disability at Brandeis University and if you wish to request a reasonable accommodation for this class, please see me immediately.

Ak,adian keep in mind that reasonable accommodations are not provided retroactively. No computers or electronic devices shall be used in class and traditional note taking is strongly discouraged.


Most of what we discuss in class will be readily available on the Latte website and in your course books; class notes would largely be superfluous. Please wait until after class to consume larger meal items. Regular attendance will be necessary for successful progress through this course. In the event of an absence, the student is responsible for arranging a make-up quiz before the next class session.


Excused absences may caplixe granted at the discretion of the instructor, all doctor ordered absences will be respected, though special arrangements will need to be made in the event of any extended absence. Class Participation and Homework: Midterm Examination 20 minutes: Zkkadian Examination 3 hours: Course Schedule subject to change: Specific exercises will be assigned for each lesson. Readings with asterisks are optional.

Introduction to the Akkadian language caplixe Cuneiform writing system: Chapters 2 and 3. Caplice Lesson 1 continued: Cuneiform Quiz Ca and Ce signs [number 1 only] 4. Cuneiform Quiz Ci and Cu signs [number 1 only, but do all three u signs] 6. Caplice Lesson 3 continued: Cuneiform Quiz all vC signs [number 1 only] Assignment 1 Assignment: Caplice Lesson 5 continued: Cuneiform Quiz CvC signs starting with dentals, bilabials, and palatals Cuneiform Quiz CvC signs starting with sibilants, nasals, and fricatives and liquids Cuneiform Quiz Logogram signs Prepare and print out a side-by-side Transcription and Normalization.

Sennacherib 3rd campaign Normalized excerpted Quiz Turn in a clay copy of this inscription in OB cuneiform signs. Akkadin me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here to sign up.

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