The Nutcracker (Щелкунчик), Op. 71 (TH 14 ; ČW 14), is a fairy ballet in 2 acts and 3 scenes, written and orchestrated by Tchaikovsky between.

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The story was based on a children’s fairy tale by E. Hoffmannadapted by Alexandre Dumas.

The Nutcracker (suite), Op.71a (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr)

This was Tchaikovsky’s last ballet, from which tchxikovsky compiled a famous Suite of eight numbers cascanuces concert performance. Tchaikovsky instructed that “This chorus should comprise 12 sopranos and 12 altos. It is all the more desirable that they should be youths from a choir.

But if this is impractical, then this choral part may be performed by 24 voices an operatic chorus”. The toy instruments are used in Act I No. It should be obtainable in any musical tchaikoveky.

Tchaikovsky’s original score contains an overture and 15 numbers. Act I is divided into two scenes comprising Nos. The titles of numbers in French tchaikkovsky type and Russian Cyrillic are taken from the published score, with English translations added in bold type. The ballet was commissioned by the Director of the Russian Imperial Theatres, Ivan Vsevolozhskywho held preliminary talks with the composer in November and December [9].

According to Modest Tchaikovskythe composer was “very little pleased by the subject of The Nutcracker ” [12]more precisely with the nature of the ballet’s scenario, since E.

Cascanueces, Tchaikovsky (Frutillar, Chile)

Hoffmann ‘s fairy tale, upon which it was based, had long ranked high in the composer’s estimation, and was the reason for his agreeing to write the ballet The Tchaikovsiy. I know that it is unappealing to you. You are an exceptionally kind soul for not refusing me” [13].

It is not possible to establish the exact date on which work on the sketches was begun. Chinese and Spanish dances, a tarantella, an English dance, and the start of a Trepak.

The Nutcracker – Tchaikovsky Research

I want to pass on to you some ideas for the ballet, which do caascanueces fit in with Petipa ‘s scheme. He is what the French call vieu jeu [15]. All the solos and variations he devised for the first act, would be of ccascanueces interest to the cascanucees. You need now only to compose great dances, and not for dancers, and all those variations The arrangement of the sketches allows us to infer the order in which the music was written—the composer adhered to the essence Marius Petipa ‘s plan, indicating any deviations from it in his notebook.

After cadcanueces with VsevolozhskyTchaikovsky crossed out the names of the characteristic dances in Rchaikovsky ‘s balletmaster plan, and instead wrote: Dumolet”, the latter being the title of a humorous 18th century French song, subsequently used in the music for this number. But the composer did not write the music for this scene straight away, noting down only a few sketches eventually used for the gallop, beside the note: Omitting the GrossvaterTchaikovsky wrote in his sketch book: There is a second note, apparently made later: Beside one of the sketches for No.


Send them, cascanueecs you please, to Frolovskoye without delay. And also send notesexplaining how the children’s instruments should be played” [19]. I think that by the time I leave a considerable part of the first act will have been done” [21]. Indeed, he omitted the battle scene between the mice and toys, and start of the second scene of Act Cascanucees the forest at night—and instead the composer went on to the Waltz of the Snowflakes.

After this he wrote: On the day of his departure from Saint Petersburgthe composer discussed the ballet with Marius Petipa [22]. It seems that at this meeting the outline scenario for Act II was finalised. In any case, the balletmaster’s plan of this act was sent to Tchaikovsky only while he was abroad. On the copy of the manuscript of the plan is Petipa ‘s note: Tchaikovsky in Paris ” [23].

Work on the ballet continued during his journey: It has not been established whether Tchaikovsky composed anything on his way to Berlin. This date, together with the note ” Rouen ” was made by the composer on the inside front cover of his notebook, which on its first pages contains sketches for the opening of the second scene of Act I [27].

During this time he wrote the opening of the second scene, and the numbers he had previously caacanueces from the first scene of Act 1: I came to Rouen in order to work a little. And I have been here nearly a week, working all hours; two days remain before I sail for America. In this time I will have prepared the sketches for the first two scenes of the ballet. But the question is, when will I be able to do the rest?

Tchaikovsky then asked Vsevolozhsky tchaikocsky the productions of the ballet and opera could be postponed until the next season: On the same day, Tchaikovsky wrote of this to his brother Modest [30].

The next day, in a deep depression caused by the unexpected news of his sister Aleksandra ‘s death, he wrote: Ivan Vsevolozhsky agreed to postpone the caascanueces and the opera, and further work on the ballet was only resumed after Tchaikovsky’s return from America, in Maydanovo at the end of May tchaioovsky Now I have started to work” [33].

Letters to various correspondents during June refer to work on the ballet. On the same day he wrote to Praskovya Tchaikovskaya: There are unexpected distractions” [37].

It turned out that I only just managed it in 2 weeks. The old man is evidently declining.

Not only is his hair thinning and turning silver as snow, not only are his teeth falling out and refusing to chew food, not only are his eyes weakening and becoming easily tired, not only are his feet starting to drag rather than walk—but his singular remaining faculty is starting to fade and disappear. The ballet is infinitely worse that ” The Sleeping Beauty “—of this I’m sure.

Let’s see how the opera will turn out” [38]. On the same day, the composer told Modest Tchaikovsky cascanuecea Aleksandra Hubert that he had finished the sketches, complaining that he was greatly tired, and “it seems the old man starting to take his last breaths” [39]. In the divertissement, Tchaikovsky used rchaikovsky that were originally written for Act I. And so, where the plan called for “Dances”, under the title Le chocolatTchaikovsky noted: Near to sketches for the dance CascajuecesTchaikovsky wrote: In the Pas de deuxTchaikovsky omitted the male variation, and on a blank page he wrote: After finishing the sketches of the ballet, Tchaikovsky left to spend some days in Saint Tchaikoovskyand on his return he began to compose the opera Iolantaand also to correct the full score of the opera Cascanuecss Onegin.


It was considerably later that Tchaikovsky set about the instrumentation of the ballet, in Januaryafter he had already orchestrated the opera. He began by orchestrating the few numbers which were to be performed as a Suite from the ballet.

I think it will be finished by the summer” [43]. The date at the start of the fair copy of the Suite reads: The Nutcracker was arranged for piano by Sergey Taneyev cascanyeces, but in view of the difficulty of this arrangement, Tchaikovsky made a simplified one of his own.

This work was carried out at the end of August [46].

The principal performers were: According to the composer the audience was unenthusiastic: They were bored” [47]. In Moscow the first production of The Nutcracker did not take place until 21 Mayin a production at the Bolshoi Theatre tchaikovskt the balletmaster Aleksandr Gorsky, conducted by Nikolay Fyodorov. It was only on 30 January that the ballet received its first complete performance in Londonat the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, directed by Nicholas Sergeyev.

Tchaikovsky: Cascanueces suite, Op. 71a by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky on Spotify

William Christensen’s production with the San Francisco Ballet tchaikovsmy 24 December was the first complete performance in the United States. The full score was published by Pyotr Jurgenson in The piano arrangements by Sergey Taneyev and the author were also brought out in by the same publisher.

The full score and the composer’s simplified piano arrangement of The Nutcracker were published in volumes 13 and 54 respectively of Tchaikovsky’s Complete Collected Worksedited by V. A guide to the man and his music, vol. The date “24” must be a mistake, since Tchaikovsky was in Rouen on 29 March [N. Accompagnement de piano par H. On the cover of volume III Tchaikovsky noted: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Views Read View source View history.

This cascanudces was last modified on 15 Februaryat Tcaikovsky of the guests. Spanish Dance Le chocolat: Tempo di Tarantella 51 bars.