Welcome to the official website Ninco. Slot, RC and more. Banner 1×1 NINCOAIR DRONES. Banner NINCOWHEELS. Banner NINCOCEAN. Banner catalogue. Keywords: digital slot car, slot car racing, controller, software, hardware. opment, the main slot car controllers on the market have been analysed and the most common [35] Carrera catalogue. Sep Here is the Avant Slot Catalog along with the News that all their production will be made in Spain this year. Avant Slot feel they have.

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Click here to start a new search. This is a one-off prototype Flyslot model produced before the catalgoue versions were signed off and released. This version has different GT2 labels on the front wings and the dark blue looks deeper tone than the production version. The car is excellent, possibly mint. The internal sleeve has been signed “To Gary” and signed by the boss of Flyslot.

Listed at a price reflecting this rarity. Prototype build with nihco rear spoiler pillars. An interesting car, the Chaparral raced at Le Mans in Rare Batman cars and track plus accessories. Track items from the C Batman Leap Set. Please note the Batmobile has Diablo wheels and the Batman logo track piece has some rail discolouring, not rust though.

Have more photos hinco interested. Very rare mint cars in boxes with track items from the C Batman Leap Set in excellent, almost mint condition.

Jean Rondeau also constructed the car hence it used his name. The only time ever a person has built and raced a car to victory at Le Mans. A very rare car and a must have for Le Mans slot car collectors. May have had test 0212 so listed as Excellent not Mint. Hard to find limited edition N. Only released and is official Ninco car with unique ref, not an aftermarket tampo print of a standard car.

Comes with a credit card sized limited edition card not pictured. Cztalogue a unique piece and great for custom builder. The bag has been opened and stapled closed again but body is mint, never used for anything. Hard to find Ford Sierra Police car released by Scalextric 20 or so years ago.

Looks great with jinco lights and sounds good too with siren. Mint and boxed very rare these days. Is in the box of Superslot because that is used by Hornby for Scalextric in Spain. Car is excellent condition not mint only due to being on display and having some test laps.

Cardboard backing piece is slightly bent and car has been dusty. Great addition for display or racing. Listed as very good as has discoloured body and been used. Hard to find mint and boxed spin Cstalogue in Texaco livery. Great fun on Classic or Sport track with no magnet on chassis so car can rotate or degrees. Hard to find mint and boxed spin Porsche in Syntron-X livery. Limited edition Sport release with this car being numbered 6, of 6, including sport ltd edition card.


The last one made ninoc good for collectors or as a gift. Otherwise a great addition to your actalogue being a early ‘s DTM racer. The car is mint never used but one mirror has fallen off the right hand door so it is listed as excellent.

The mirror can be glued back in place but the plastic extension of the mirror that goes into the door has been partially broken off in the door.

Nincco damage to the car and just looks like car has one mirror. A rare and unique car cagalogue imported from Spain. Hard to find excellent condition boxed MMK resin slot car. It is an early Peugeot and car is excellent condition as the nnico headlights have come off and included in box to be reaffixed by the new owner easy to do.

Beautiful, detailed and collectable MMK release. Limited edition Sport release with this car being numbered 5, of 5, the last one made. Great addition to your collection being a early ‘s DTM racer. Hard to find and a great race car released around There is no C reference for the car and numbers were thought to be up tonot much more, but unable to be verified.

A unique piece of Njnco history. It was produced by Slot It who product high performance slot cars. Limited Edition 41 of for the Dutch SLN club it was produced by Scalextric as a very small production run of only cars. Limited Edition 88 of for the Dutch SLN club it was produced catalobue Scalextric as a very small production run of only cars.

Hard to find Scalextric SRS1 chassis. Porsche Le Mans racer in collectable Repsol livery. Never used it is mint. Body is a little yellowed but mostly white from factory. Has steering front wheels and is 2102 great runner for the older generation of slot cars for any slot car track. Hard to find with only released. This one is mint in box and looks great. Does have steering front wheels as the guide blade turns.

Rare piece and great for display given unique clear body and rare cafalogue small production run. This one is mint in box but listed as used due to the left hand body post in the central body section nnico. This means the body can more up and down slightly. Unable to tell if item on display. Price is reduced because of this. Very hard to find. This is issued for the N. Please note it does not have the N. Looks great and presented well, missing rear bumper.


Hard to find and not available in slot car outlets in Australia. Great to use for a custom livery or just to have a unusual and rare version of the iconic VW. More expensive as it is very rare and very popular given a VW Beetle.

Long ago sold out.

Has high detail, lights front and rear and is Catalgoue. Rare livery of the ‘s Ford Capri with flames and looks great. Only issue is the car has no rear bumper.

Welcome to the official website Ninco. Slot, RC and more

Car is mint except for missing rear bumper. Great to race against other similar era cars or to display in a collection. Glasswork mans clear body as per photos. Almost a one off as it is a preproduction prototype to test the body shell colour paint is correct.

Slot Cars Alive – Buy Slot Cars – Scalextric, SCX, Team Slot, Fly, Ninco, HPI, Superslot.

Is a fully working Scalextric car. A great addition to any collection of preproduction prototype Scalextric cars.

Price is to be advised. A one off as it is a preproduction prototype to test the body shell produced is an accurate model. Is a fully working Scalextric car with lights front and rear too. Price is high due to the rarity and collectability. Price reflects rarity and collectability. Limited edition number 54 of released. No C reference allocated. This is your opportunity to get one in Australia. One of the limited edition Caterham 7’s in 6 different liveries for Limited Edition of only made, each numbered.

Limited edition Number of only provided to dealers as not sold like a regular car. Scalextric did one car a year as a “Range Presentation” model from to Long ago sold out Aussie iconic livery of the Falcon XB. Looks great with Moffat’s 33 Brut colours and small Australian flag on the side. It comes with NSCC decals in red not applied, see photo. Limited edition of including book celebrating 50th anniversary of the Mini in and it’s history in Spain.

If postage to you is less I will refund the difference. Released in as the 50th anniversary of the first Australian Scalextric cars released, being original front wheel drive Minis of these same liveries.