From the CATIA help documentation: “The Wireframe and Surface workbench allows you to create wireframe construction elements during. This Tutorial contains videos for wireframe and surface design with videos if you have the all types of sweep surface tutorial of will be the full tutorial of sweep in wireframe and surface design catia v5??.

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Create another offset surface using the following specifications: It will enable you to engage in a lean way of working with the tool.

Modifications to features can cause the deletion of a sub-element, resulting in errors. Features from that geometrical set are added to the group. For example, a point is added to the model, but not as an input to Group-Geometrical Set. This only applies cayia features created in the Generative Shape Design workbench.

Define Tangent as the continuity type. Figure 1—14 All new features are now added to the active group.

When creating solid features, all faces of the feature must be defined in one step. Skip to main content. Rename the completed offset surface as [Wheel Offset]. The product provides the capability to isolate the geometry without its history, so it can be dynamically deformed with the FreeStyle applications. Double-click on this curve Figure 1—34 3. Using the graphic properties, color the surfaces gray.


CATIA V5 Introduction to Surface Design | Rand 3D

Create another fill surface using the five boundaries shown in Figure 1— Click to complete the creation of the group. Rename the completed extrude as [Wheel Extrude].

Define in work object Figure 1—40 4. Gothenburg, 4 February – 6 February.

CATIA – Wireframe & Surface

This is shown in the Tangents Dir column, as shown in Figure 1— Define the support for the three fill boundaries, as shown in Figure 1— The cutting elements are Body Offset, Swept Surface. Select a geometrical set.

Later in the exercise, you will develop additional surfaces to create a complete skin for the Y-Pipe. Catiq part of this manual may be reproduced in any form by any photographic, electronic, mechanical or other means or used in any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of ASCENT, a division of RAND Worldwide, Inc. Referencing explicit elements promotes a more stable model that you have more control over.


do anyone have the full tutorial of sweep in wireframe and surface design catia v5??

Show the NewSurfaces geometrical set. The cutting element is Wheel Outside Split. This usrface allows to create some high level and complex mechanical surfaces. Edit the curve shown in Figure 1— Hide all geometrical sets except for JoinedSurfaces as shown in Figure 1— Advanced Surface Design 2.

CATIA – Wireframe & Surface

Body Offset Figure 1—58 6. Advanced Surface Design Task 3 – Investigate tangency options for a curve. Help Center Find new research papers in: Figure 1—22 You can create multiple masks for a single part. With surfaces, the contours of the model can be individually created as separate features. Groups Groups enable you to control v display of features within the specification tree and can be used as a filter.