Cavity Optomechanics: Back-Action at the Mesoscale. T. J. Kippenberg1,*,†,; K. J. Vahala2,*. 1 Max Planck Institute für Quantenoptik, Recent experiments have reached a regime where the back- action of photons caused by radiation pressure can influence the optomechanical dynamics, giving . Cavity Optomechanics: Backaction-Cooling of Mechanical Oscillators Kippenberg, T. J. & Vahala, K. J. Cavity Optomechanics: Backaction at the mesoscale.

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Back-Action at the Mesoscale.

Cavity optomechanics: back-action at the mesoscale.

Download PDF Cite this paper. The coupling of optical mesooscale mechanical degrees of freedom is the underlying principle of many techniques to measure mechanical displacement, from macroscale gravitational wave detectors to microscale cantilevers used in scanning probe microscopy. Recent experiments have reached a regime where the back-action of photons caused by radiation pressure can influence the optomechanical dynamics, giving rise to a host of long-anticipated phenomena.


Here we review these developments and discuss the opportunities for innovative technology as well as for fundamental science. Effective mass in quantum effects of radiation pressure.


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Trapping and Cooling Atoms. Cavity Optomechanics Radiation pressure cooling of a micromechanical resonator.

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Tongcang Li University of California, Berkeley. Ref 11 Source Optomechanixs To Collection. Whispering gallery mode sensors. Foreman 15 Estimated H-index: Macroscopic quantum oscillator based on a flux qubit.

Cavity optomechanics: back-action at the mesoscale.

Mandip Singh 1 Estimated H-index: Other Papers By First Author. Ultralow-dissipation optomechanical resonators on a chip nature photonics [IF: A picogram- and nanometre-scale photonic-crystal optomechanical cavity nature [IF: Thompson Yale UniversityBenjamin M. Cavity cooling of a microlever nature [IF: Constanze MetzgerKhaled Karrai.

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