Products 35 – 40 J Amateur Radio’s Technical Journal ;;} PO Box Farmingdale NY UHf $6. N $1 0 SU PER HOT! GaAs Fe! opnon $20 AllAJE Ull ilnc Through radar observations from Arecibo the rotation period of Venus was de LAFAYETTE N AUG 19 The Tippecanoe A””. Instrukcja obsÅ‚ugi. importer.

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Have we gone too far thistirne? Get your junk box. CA U Sepulveda Blvd. Kttp with dtawil’lgl ano: Peue “” com lafayetfe M1f-addtelled P’rn- lor t of ‘ly uneok: US citizens mlist include ‘l. The group publi comput. Subscription Rates n tha Unilld Sill. To subscribe renew or change an address: Subscription problem or question: PO b F. No par1 01 this publication may ba ‘.

Ann ArtlOr M tl1. All of our and 3. Even our and 9 meter antennas can be air shipped or taken as carry-on arline bag gage. Our precision welding and use of the finest materials gives you an antenna that s lightweight and extremelydurable. Thereare overa dozen colorsavailable for even the most discriminating customer.

One was talian and the other Japanese wasn’t completely surprised when Tim Chen BV2A for years the only licensed amateur on Taiwan suggested that it was getting to be time for an Ameri can expedition 10 BV.

Tim talked to me while was attending a computer radlo in Taipei. BV s stili relatively rare so agreed that such an operation would be great fun Taiwan s a fantastic place 10 visll. There are friendly people great lood ncredibly low prices and amazing sights. Even though get there once or twice a year always look torward to radioo and enjoy it. Before t go into details on thenxpenuoolet me tell you how happened to be visiting Tm.

Commerce Tours runs a twoweek trip every spring which coo incides with computer shows in Tokyo Seoul and Taipei. Since it’s important for me to keep up with micro developments worldwide try to make this tour.

Also this time was looking for some computer products which might be able to mport. Commerce was able to let me start a day late on the trip so that could get an honorary doctorate degree and give the commencement address at Central New Eng l and College n Wor ces ter Massachusetts.

Readers of my editorials will not be surprised t o team that gave a talk on my favorite subject: While hadn’t heard their talks felt that mine m ight be of more personal importance to the graduates and certai nly right in li ne w ith the school motto: When the graduation ceremonies were done was whisked to the airport for a flight to Los Angeles There we went to both a microcomputer show and an office-automation show getting a full dose 01 bot h the low and high end of Japanese lafayete.

An Ameri can outfit had taken over the yearly computer show and apparently alienated just about everyone. The hundreds of small Korean computer firms passed t by.

This was hard on our group ma ny of whom had rather good budgets for buying computer product s for US distribution.

Oh well maybe we would do betler in Taipe. The Ta ipei computer show had over exhibitors and much business was done. For superior sound quality. Build KC2NT’s antenna matcher and hear what you’ve been missing.


: Pictures, Manuals and Specifications of the Lafayette CB & Export Radios

This tuner has been used effectively to feed the helical antenna described in the May issue of t is a developmental outgrowth of a rando m-w ire tuner used successfu lly for many years with a 9. The tuner has been employed with an endfed wire lafyette The tuner assembly contai ns a couple of high-capacity condensers instrukja d a However this circuit is not the fam iliar pi coupler device as will be evident later on in lafyaette a rticle.

A noteworthy fea ture of the tuning un it is the greater selectivity exhibited o n transmit a nd receive. Description The gene ral tuner configuration resembles somewhat a pi coupler output with an LC series-tuned input in place of the pi input capacitor.

CRT 2000 12/24V Prezentacja Funkcje Praca

Filter tables describe the input system as a low-pa ss m-derived se ries half sec tion. The o utput section is listed as a low-pa ss constant-k output half section. The fundamental tuner design is shown in Fig. However the tuner of Fig. lafyette

Pol Mar Venus 80 Channel AM/FM CB Radio. (Sorry about the focus)

Note the optional capacitor bank of 3 x pf. This is necessary on the 75fBO-meter band with some aerials e. Upon close inspection of Fig 2 one can see that the sho rted portion o f the coil is re a instruckja two inductances in paralle l with a ground return by way of the pF tuning capacitor.

As the pF capacitor is tapped at the va rious turns of the shorted inductance the inductance of the instrucja coils cha nges in value This me thod has proven quite effective in instrumcja get the proper an tennamatching impedance. The pF c apacito r acts as a kind of ba nd-spread device to cover small increments within the ba vens from one end to the other. The output capacitor should require little trimming after it is set for the particular band.

The unit is wound with 12 wire at 6 turns per inch. Coil le ngth is My present tuner laafayette has a very low cost homemade coil wound on a ve ry sim ple and sturdy a ircore fo rm. Since 12 bus wire was u navailabl e at the local surplus outlet.

The coil was fitted on the form shown in Fig. Please note that this coil size should a llow its use with transm itters in the Watt-output cla ss. Howeve r when using a he lica lly. This e liminates corona discharge which w ill damage the aerial at the top end. All dimensions a re listed in the drawing. Epoxy fb is applied at points where the sheets co me togethe r at right angles to each other.

This gives rigid i ty to the co il form. The winding grooves are se parated 4 mm apart. The slits in both pieces should have the same width as the thickne ss of the plastic shee t.

That will allow a secure fit for the two pieces. Also it would be a definite advantage to mount the tuner components so that they may be easily interchanged and interconnected in co n figurations other than the one described in this article.


That will allow the tuner to be configured with any an d a ll an tenn as the user will ever e ncounter. However my partic ular de sign has been used with random wires of varied types and vensu worked well. Operation n itial tuner se ttings shou ld be determ ined with the aid of an antenna noise bridge.

The tuner will allow close to 1: Since the device tu ning is sha rp gre at care must be taken in using regular tuning procedure to preve nt overloading and damaging the final amplifier.

However on transmit a slight re tun ing is generally necessary. This ch be done with great care again to avoid overloading the fina l.

W ith transceivers that have a continuously variable power-output control e. Ten-Tee’s Century 21 the following procedure may be used: First lafaytete just the rig’s power output for ind ication of swr below 1. Then peak tu ner capacitors fo r 1: The va riation of coil inductance may be as simple as sliding the clip along the turn in a plus or minus direction or the variation may have to be as much as a tum or two plus or rrnnus.

By way of fu rther ill ustration let us say that we wish to tune up at khz. We wil use e ither a noise bridge or the alternate method just described and the helical antenna. Proper match is achieved when the tuning coil is shorted from the input end of the coil to the fou rth turn from the o utput end.

The input ca pacitor is connected lwfayette the seventh tum from the output end of the coil. With these settings the antenna bridge will indicate lafayegte deep null. This is the indication of a properly matched antenna. This means cn retuning of the matching device is usually necessary every 5 or 10 khz to maintain swr down to 1: To make su re that power is indeed at the a n tenna a fluorescent lamp is put radko the aerial end without touching it.

Use of this aid is necessary only when determining the tuner’s bc settings. Conclusion Therefo re this tuner can match a rig to most any aerial and maintain an sw r of 1: Because th is antennamatching device tunes sha rply add itiona l instrukcjja n ic filte ring is avai lable.

The sha rp-tuning fe ature is a lso evident on receiving; signals are peaked loudly and clearly. For those having capacitors in thei r parts box the only other investment necessary is about 75ft for scrap clear Lucltet and one dollar for bus wire. The tuner design has been in se rvice for many years over 15 in all. Lafauette ne proof of its utility has been the lo n gevity of the fina ls fo r my two rigs one solid state the other vacuum tube. The tubes a re TV hori zontal types.