To meet this growing need for qualified professionals, LPI developed the Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer certification which verifies the skills . CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI. CÓDIGO DE DISPOSITIVOS, SISTEMAS DE ARQUIVOS DO LINUX, HIERARQUIA PADRÃO DE SISTEMAS DE ARQUIVOS. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers professional certifications to help you validate your knowledge and skills in various aspects of Linux.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Would you like to become a sponsor? January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved from ” https: Candidates should be aware of other bootloaders and their major features.

The result is a certification that covers the intersection between development and operations, making certificacap relevant for all IT professionals working in the field of DevOps. Ensure that the boot manager can locate the new kernel and associated files. Advanced Storage Device Administration Download Linux Career Guide.

LPIC-2 | LPI Brasil

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The objectives are tied to real-world job skills, which we determine through job task analysis surveying during certuficacao development. Linux Career Guide 2nd Edition Find out about jobs in Linux and discover options to take your career to the next level. These are either taken using a computer based system, or using a paper based exam. Candidates should be able to build and install an executable program from source.


Candidates should be able to create and remove logical volumes, volume groups, and physical volumes. This objective includes interacting with run levels.

I agree that the information submitted to the Linux Professional Institute is subject to the Privacy Policy.

Have proficiency in prominent free and open source utilities such as Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet, Git, and Jenkins. Beta exams are offered as part of the community feedback process and are free of charge.

Candidates should be able to identify and correct common boot certificcao run time issues. Find out about jobs in Linux and discover options to take your career to the next level. The most interesting projects in the world run on Linux. Utilities to configure and manipulate ethernet network interfaces Configuring basic access to wireless networks with iw, iwconfig and iwlist Termos: Candidates should be able to properly maintain a Linux filesystem using system utilities.

Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer | Linux Professional Institute

Certification designations earned before 1 September were considered lifetime designations and were not affected by that policy. Candidates should be able to identify and correct common network setup issues, to include knowledge of locations for basic configuration files and commands.

This objective includes configuring automount for network and device filesystems. The exams are not normally administered by Linux Professional Institute Inc. Candidates should be able to configure a network device to implement various network authentication schemes.

Candidates should be able to query and modify the behaviour of system services at various run levels. Use command-line utilities to get information about the currently running kernel and kernel modules Manually load and unload kernel modules Determine when modules can be unloaded Determine what parameters a module accepts Configure the system to load modules by names other than their file name.


Filesystem and Devices LPI is committed to the development of a global standard in Linux certification. Linux Professional Institute Certification Programs.

Join the community of Linux professionals who are making incredible things happen with Linux and open source around the world. The Internet Archive uses hundreds of x86 servers to catalogue the internet, with all of them running Linux.

Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer

At first there was no recertification policy, but on 1 September LPI decided to introduce a ten-year recertification policy in order to supply relevant and current skills.

This objective includes being able to unpack a file of sources.

LPI has certified professionals in over countries, delivers exams in 9 languages, lnux has hundreds of training partners. This objective includes compiling and recompiling the Linux kernel as needed, updating and noting changes in a new kernel, creating an initrd image and installing new kernels. There are no prerequisites for this certification Requirements: