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Do not forget the Log Book! This mury a record of the commissioning of your boiler. It contains important information about your particular installation that may be required by service engineers. The Log Book will also provide contact details for the installer should you need guidance in the use of this appliance or if there are any problems.

As chaffotsaux your car, your boiler will work more reliably and efficiently if regularly serviced. We recommend an annual service check. The service history of the appliance will be recorded on the Log Book. In the unlikely event of any problems with your boiler or system you should first contact your installer.

If your installer cannot resolve the problem he should telephone our national service helpline.

Boiler Manuals: Chaffoteaux Minima MX2 24FF

This appliance is a combined appliance for the production of Central Heating C. This appliance must only be used for the purpose for which it is designed.

THe manufacturer declines all responsibility for improper or negligent use. Your statutory rights are not affected. Do not allow children or inexperienced persons to use the appliance without supervision. If you smell gas in the room, do not turn on or off light swithces, use the telephone or any other objects that might cause sparks. Open doors and windows to ventilate the room. Shut the gas mains tap on the gas meter or the valve of the gas cylinder and call your Gas Supplier immediately.

If you are going away for a long period of time, remember to shut the mains gas tap or the gas cylinder valve. Please ensure that your customer is aware of the importance of keeping the Log Book safe as a record of the installation and the appliance service history.

Chaffoteaux & Maury Centora green Operating instructions |

Please ensure that your customer is aware of the correct operation of the system, boiler and controls. If it is necessary to contact an engineer, then telephone the national warranty helpline Advice on installation or servicing can also be obtained by contacting the Technical Department on: The amnual is invalidated if the appliance is not installed in accordance with the recommendations made herein or in a manner not approved by the chafflteaux.

To assist us in providing you with an efficient after sales service, please return the guarantee registration card enclosed with the boiler without delay. The Centora Green is an approved product under the Water Regulations.

In IE the requirements given under the current edition of I. Installation should also be carried out in accordance with Building Regulations, Local Authority Building Standards Scotland Regulations and current editions of the following British Standards Codes of practice: In the Republic the Republic of Ireland the installation should be carried out in accordance with the following codes of practice: The electrical connections must be made in accordance for GB with current I.

The Centora Green does not contain any asbestos or asbestos products, or mercury derivatives. If there is a possibility of the incoming mains water pressure exceeding 10 bar then a suitable pressure limiting valve must be fitted where pressures exceed 6 bars a pressure limiting valve is preferred.


During servicing, keep the dust generation to a minimum and avoid inhaling any dust and contact with the skin and eyes. Chxffoteaux handling and use will not present any discomfort, although some people with a history of skin complaints may be susceptible to irritation. When disposing of the ceramic lining, ensure that it is securely wrapped and wash hands chaffoteauc contact. It is a room sealed, fan assisted, balanced flued appliance providing central heating.

It has electronic ignition and is suitable for all modern electrical control systems. The boiler is designed for sealed systems only and a circulating pump, expansion vessel together with a pressure gauge and safety valve are included within the boiler. The mznual flue can extend up to 3 metres using 1 metre flue extension kits. Refer to the chart below and BS pt 1 or BS Provision must be made to allow the correct routing of the flue and siting of the terminal to allow the safe and efficient removal of the flue products.

A compartment or cupboard may be used provided that it has been purpose-built or modified for the purpose. It is not necessary to provide permanent ventilation for cooling purposes. Detailed recommendations are given in BS pt 2. Avoid to install the boiler where the air inlet can be polluted by chemical products such as chlorine swimming pool aeraor ammonia hair dresseror alcalin products launderette Flue Detailed information on flue assembly is contained in the appropriate starter pack.

The boiler must be installed so that the flue terminal is exposed to the free passage of external air at all times. It must not be allowed to discharge into another room or space such as an outhouse or closed lean-to.

The minimum acceptable clearances are shown below: Alternatively, a fused 3 Amp. It should only supply the appliance. The boiler is suitable for sealed systems only. The maximum working pressure for the appliance is 10 bar. All fittings and pipework connected to the appliance should be of the same standard. If there is a possibility of the incoming mains pressure exceeding 10 bar, particularly at night, then a suitable pressure limiting valve must be fitted.

The boiler is designed to provide hot water on demand to multiple outlets within the property. If there is a requirement for greater demands, for example if the property has several bathrooms and cloakrooms, a vented or unvented hot water storage system may be used.

Showers Any shower valves used with the appliance should be of a thermostatic or pressure balanced type. Refer to the shower manufacturer for performance guidance and suitability.

Flushing and Water Treatment The performance of the appliance could be impaired by system debris or the effects of corrosion. The system must be flushed thoroughly to remove metal filings, solder, machining oils and other fluxes and greases before connecting the boiler.

If it is an existing system, chqffoteaux appropriate flushing and descaling agent should be used. Refer to BS for guidance. For more information on the use of corrosion inhibitors, flushing and descaling agents, advice can be sought from the manufacturers of water treatment products such as: Suitable guards may be F obtained from the following manufacturer: If it is installed in a cupboard or compartment Widnes permanent ventilation is not required for cooling purposes.

The boiler Fernox Manufacturing requires a 22 mm supply. Ensure that the pipe size is Britannica Works adequate for demand including other gas appliances on the Clavering same supply. The Electrical Supply addition of such external controls can be beneficial to the The appliance requires an earthed V – 50 Hz supply and efficient operation of the system.


The boiler connections for must be in accordance with current I. It must also be external controls are 24V and so only controls of 24V or that possible to be able to completely isolate the appliance have voltage free contacts should be used. Connection should be via a 3 amp fused double- 7 5 Installing the Boiler Please check that you manusl familiar with the installation requirements before commencing work. The paper template can be used to ensure the cbaffoteaux positioning of kitchen cabinets etc.

It also details the commissioning instructions. The paper template has to be fixed to the wall and used to locate the mzury of the hanging bracket and the centre for the flue hole. Drill and plug the wall and secure the hanging bracket using the screws provided.

Remove the boiler from its packaging as shown in fig. Place the boiler on the wall on the hanging bracket Fig. If required, there is space for all piping to pass behind the boiler. There is a mm chafflteaux between the valves and the wall to make these connections. Provision must be made to fill and recharge the system pressure. This can be achieved using a filling loop or other methods approved by the local water authority.

Chaffoteaux & Maury Calydra comfort 100 Manuals

Safety valve and condensate drains The pressure relief valve tube is clear silicone. It should terminate below the boiler over a tundish or 22 mm pipe caffoteaux I fig 4 which should in turn discharge safely outside the premises. Care should be taken that it does not terminate over an entrance or window or where a discharge of heated water could endanger occupants or passers by. The system should be carefully checked for leaks, as frequent refilling could cause premature system corrosion or unnecessary scaling of the heat exchanger.

The pipe from the siphon 12 fig. External termination via condensate siphon The condensate drainage pipe should have a minimum diameter of 22 mm, it should be inserted into a suitable acid resitant pipe – e. Pay special attention to not bend the condensates silicone drain pipe such as the flow will be interrupted.

The discharge pipe must terminate in a suitable position: A trap giving a water seal of at least 75mm manal be incorporated into the pipe run, there must also be an air break upstream of the trap.

Fitting the Horizontal Flue Attention! Before starting the boiler, the siphon 12 fig. The instructions for the vertical and biflux twin pipe flue options are included with the relevant adapter kits. The standard flue supplied with the appliance is suitable for lengths from mm minimum to mm maximum.

This takes into account the minimum appliance side clearances of 5 mm. The flue should rise up slightly to the terminal in order to let the condensate coming back into the boiler.

Use only specific condensation flue kit. Push in the tabs P Fig 12 on either side of the boiler and pivot the box forward.

Connect the main cable M to live, neutral and earth. If using a room thermostat or other external control: