The Chigorin Defence According to Morozevich A World Class Player on the Opening He Made Popular by Alexander Morozevich, Vladimir. I was wondering what you think about the Chigorin Defense against the in THE CHIGORIN DEFENSE ACCORDING TO MOROZEVICH. @Klaus Junge, Thanks for the informative link. I disagree rather strongly with Jeremy Silman’s review, but I don’t have time right now to go into.

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Imbalances and the Exciting Chigorin Defense

Klaus Junge, Thanks for the informative link. I disagree rather strongly with Jeremy Silman’s review, but I don’t have time right now to go into details. My basic disagreement is Silman’s description of the book as being full of Morozevich’s detailed analysis.

I will respond more fully with examples defdnce I have time.

I give the book about 1. There is a fair coverage in a free ebook at Jeremy Silman’s, it seems surprisingly useful material Very through coverage http: I have bought the book and have been mostly disappointed. The notes to the games are interesting, but Morozevich often does not assess the opening at all. There are many cases in which the model game has absolutely no comments on a succession of moves such as movesor even in some cases.

This really isn’t a way to instruct players how to play the opening so much as a collection of some interesting games. Many of the games were played in suboptimal conditions such as blindfold games or internet games. The tactics are interesting, but more entertaining than pedagogical.


Chigorin Defense

I have the book on order. While I am already fairly certain that follow Markovich’s advice and stick with 1. Nc6 if Moro shows me the way.

Either way, I’m fairly sure it will be a worthwhile addition. I’ll let you know in a month or so what I really think of the book! Markovich God Member Offline Posts: I had a small look at this in the shop the other day. He just seems to think the opening’s rubbish, judging from defenec 3 Nc3 chapter. The Great Oz has spoken!

Imbalances and the Exciting Chigorin Defense –

Bonsai God Member Offline Posts: I’m guessing he means this game: Could you tell me what exactly you mean with Karpov-Milov line? I played the Chigorin for some years, but have not come across that name. This is quite a big accordiny as this line is playable for Black imo. Alias God Member Offline Posts: Does anyone have the table of contents for the book?

Don’t check me with no lightweight stuff. I don’t have the table of contents but would advise people to accordin getting the English language version of Bronziks book on the Chigorin rather than this.

Moro says that he does not cover the line because he thinks its not good which is fair enough, but the least he could do is show why he thinks its not good vefence than just omit it entirely. Nc6 although their coverage of it wasnt great in one of the critical lines.


One would also have to wonder how much of this book Morozevich actually wrote as opposed to Barsky. For me Bronziks is still the best book on the Chig. Please Login or Register. Discussion forum for ChessPublishing.

Well, I sometimes feel like the Voice of Tarrasch in this forum, but I don’t think I’ll reconsider my preference for 1.

Bxf3 as “a serious alternative to Rxg7 As a small sideline it is inside the book: I’m not so sure. In my view Bronznik’s book has more theory chigorln Morozevich’s book is more up-to-date and has better explanations.

Nf3 Section B – Quietly Reinforcing: Qa4 Section D – The Exchange: Nc3 dxc4 Section A – The Advance: Nf3 Chapter 4 – Chigorin Motifs: Without c2-c4 Section A – The Fianchetto: Bf4 Section C – Quietly Reinforcing: