This Pin was discovered by James Pierce. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Origami Chocobo by alejandro-delafuente on deviantART | A chocobo is a fictional creature from the Final Fantasy video game series by Square and Square. CHOCOBO. WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. CHARACTER DESIGN: TETSUYA NOMURA / YASUHISA.

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I cant get the legs to look so good, but then again, the paper is not the best. Do you think that it is a high intermediate model?

You can finally make your own paper Chocobo thanks to World of Final Fantasy – Use a Potion!

What kind of paper would you best recommend for complex origamis like Satoshi Kamiya’s? I attempted the yellow bird several times. The legs always tend orivami get too separated, and the birds can barely stand still.

Outstanding chocobo I see many people can’t make the legs of the chocobo in a way to stand tall, well you seem to have made it! Thanks for those videos you’ve made pretty difficult, but I never stop trying! Final Fantasy IS my favourite game series and also my favourite hobby is origami and drawing, useless informartion: Pthus it isn’t a surprise that the “chocobo yellow bird” or whatever really fascinates me.


Plz, please, pretty please make a video on an origami chocobo, I hope Satoshi gives you permission, ’cause your videos are great and the chocobo is great so right there I stop talking to take a breath – oof! Nice fold, I also folded this model.

An origami Chocobo!

Does anyone have the diagrams to this astonishing piece of work? I cant get hold of Satoshi Kamiya’s book, but Irigami am desperate to fold it! Can anyone help me?? You can buy the book online, I’ve listed two different resources in the internet that sell it.

Simply check the links above the image labelled with “Diagrams”. Oigami why do you thimk it is a high inermediate project it looks quite simple and what paper did you use for this?

Adorable origami Chocobo! : FinalFantasy

I folded it from a 15cm square of kami. I haven’t looked at the model for a while, but I guess there are a couple of trickier steps in the folding sequence. Might be intermediate, but definitely not simple. I think the Pegasus would be high intermediate But the Chocobo oigami be at an intermediate range Not too hard, actrally Skip to main content.


Yellow Bird Satoshi Kamiya. Diagrams in the book: You might be tempted to call this model “chocobo”, for obvious reasons. I liked your site a lot and feel like visiting it frequently.

Thanks for the attention.

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