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By Nugget on Sun Jun 15 Well, the CISA test saga has come to an end. I took the test on Saturday and will receive the results of the test in ten weeks. You databaee think that for a pseudo-technical certification that ISACA would have the technology to return the results more expediently.

As such, there were some questions were all of the presented answers seemed reasonable. None of the questions on the V122 are on the test…wouldnt it be nice to find a copy of the test itself. Hello, I have passed the exam with a score of 82 this year.

The highest in our chapter was 84 Hyderabad, Indiadont know how good these scores are when compared internationally. But can you tell how your position has improved after qualification?

I am a fresher as far and am looking to my first employment. Hari, I am actually not a good person to ask. But in the US, I have met people who scored as much as I passed this year. Btw, if you got your CISA certification then look for a job with some of the big 5 4 firms. Passing the exam without any experience is a tough deal and you have done well.

And yes, I am on the Job hunt. Got an interview in Deloitte the day after, something do with Risk and Internal controls. And have applied to PWC as well. Am actually surprised at how wide is CISA, quetsion the areas are quite new to me completely. I still am confident of doing well. Luckily for me I also did SAP financials and also know a few security tools, so am hopeful of qusetion a decent job. Still am a bit worried on the experience dxtabase. A parting question, can you point me to resources that talk about Audit Risk, the Risk management process and the various steps in it?

Thanx again Good day Hari. I welcome any and all hints, tips or tricks to help me pass the exam. Also, what is the best way to get IT Audit experience? I heavily relied on the CISA study manual and the questions and answers CD, none of these questions came in the real exam but they really did help as it got me familiar with the style of questions that would come up in the exam. However, I must note that I work for the Big 4 and I have databasse 2 years experience in IT auditing which was of big help to my passing this exam…all the best: Any tips from CISA holders?


First I got 61 then 63 and then scaled, June About half the questions I know I got right. So much subjectivity and sometimes just poorly worded questions make it a very hard exam.

I took the exams this Dec,have no idea of how i perfomed.

The December results wer just sent out. I was not sure how it was going since like others I felt as if many questions had multiple correct answers. I passed with a so I am glad that is over.

The December results were just sent out.

CISA Test Done – The Daily Nugget

Hey i just got the results for the dec07 exam i gotanyone knows what that stand for percentage wise? Does anybody know the percentage of those passing databbase CISA exam. I am considering taking the test, but I would like to know how the odds are. The test is very, very subjective. It is not based on any real-life experience that I am aware of.

It was not useful. The questions were worded differently from the test. The questions in the study guide was worded more objectively. The correct answer can be dissected. The questions in the test were subjective with very little information. I felt I was prepared. To many questions I felt there are at least 1 more or more good answers.

I really do hope for the best though as I put in quite some effort in preparing for the Exams. I passed the June exam with a score of The exam was tricky not in technical terms but it require thorough reading and some experience. You cannot tell any thing about the result until you receive it: Congratulations for all of you who passed! I failed with points, and unfortunately weakest points came from my strongest areas audit process, governance.

This was my first try eatabase I believe last too. Got my results by email yesterday. I passed with Work Experience will be huge dstabase in determining your grade. The exam questions will be trickier but the questions will help you focus.

8439824 100 CISA Questions by ExamCram Practice Test 2

You will not know how you did when you finish the exam because the questions are extremely subjective. Good luck to all of you. I got a on my CISA? I prepared by going to class and doing the questions in the book.


Hey guys, This is Anil from new Delhi, India. I have also got through the exam within the first attempt. Could anybody shed the light on the scores. Whats the highest score for June Is the scaled score important or just passing the CISA exam is enough. Would the employers look at the scores objectively. Employers do not care about the score you get on the test whatsoever. They only care that you have the certification.

At our firm the certification is used to enhance and supplement your existing work experience in the field of IT audit. I have an IT experience of 7 years, with less than 2 of it IT security related.

The CISA exam consists of items. Candidate scores are reported as a scaled score. ISACA uses and reports scores on a common scale from to A candidate must receive a score of or higher to pass the exam.

CISA Questions by ExamCram Practice Test 2 – [PDF Document]

Practife passed with an even though. If you look at the way the GMAT is scored, a is in the 90th percentile and a is in the 99th percentile. I passed with an even though 1st time taking test. I pass with !! I was a history major working for a non-profit.

I did not prepare well for that domain. I would have scored higher. I am hoping that Dec 08 will be my final time. Does anyone know how to calculate your percentile given your total scaled score?? Datbaase so, please help by posting information here. Will we get to know our percentile score when the results arrive by ppractice mail? The email only contains the scores, and not the percentiles. I did not spend much time on the DR material figuring it was the most straight forward.

However, they made all the DR questions extremely tricky. How would I apply for the certification? Took the exam in London. Quedtion two hours on the questions.

Would sitting there another two hours have improved the score?

In my opinion, no. I am a financial services internal auditor working in investment banking, comparatively recent starter in the IT audit field 3 years experience. Passed with a score of