The epic structure: A critical study of Civaka cintamani as an epic [S David] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Further Reading. Internal References. External Sources. Civakacintamani: The Hero Civakan, the Gem That Fulfills All Wishes: Verses dewiki Sivagasindamani; enwiki Cīvaka Cintāmaṇi; hiwiki जीवक चिन्तामणि ; tawiki சீவக சிந்தாமணி.

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It is a Jain religious epic authored by Tirutakkatevar.

It belongs to the Sangam tradition of Tamil literatureand is considered one of the five great Tamil ciintamani. In its form, it anticipates the Ramayana of Kambar. The story concerns a hero who through his virtue rises to become king, only to renounce his high station and pursue a life of religious merit.

A king by the name of Caccantan loses himself in sexual enjoyment with his queen and inadvertently gives control of his kingdom to his corrupt minister Kattiyankaran. Kattiyankaran attacks Caccantan, and before the king dies he sends his now pregnant wife away on a flying peacock machine.


Exiled in a cremation ground, she gives birth to Civakan, the titular character.

Civaka Cintamani: A Tamil Epic of the Sangam Age

Civakan grows up in a ckvaka home and becomes the epitome of a Jain hero. He precedes through a number of adventures, marrying numerous women over the course of these events and all the while carrying on an affair with a dancing girl.

Eventually, Civakan returns to take vengeance on Kattiyankaran, winning back the throne. He then marries his eighth and final wife, a personification of omniscience. Soon after he becomes weary of worldly life and, after meeting with Mahavira, he cvaka the world. Jain Communities and Cultures in Indian Historyed.

Cīvaka Cintāmaṇi – Wikipedia

State University of New Cibtamani Press. Swaminatha Iyer — Dr. Epic poetry — An epic is a lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily concerning a serious subject containing details of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation.

They are a micro community of around 85, in number Around 0.


Cīvaka Cintāmaṇi

Tamil Jains belong to the Jain Digambara sect, who speak Tamil in their homes. Pandyan Kingdom — Cintajani Pandyan kingdom ta. Only the first three are completely undamaged and readable. The last two are known by fragments and literary tradition.

Civaka Cintamani – Naalanda

Jain Agamas — File: We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Tamil stubs Indian literature stubs Jainism stubs Jain texts Tamil epic poems. Look at other dictionaries: Dictionaries exportcreated on PHP.

Mark and share Search through all dictionaries Translate… Search Internet. Contents 1 Plot 2 Notes 3 References 4 External links.