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The beam intensity is modulated by video signals to form images on the screen, which are representative of the image to be displayed. In order to synchronize the scanning of the beam with the display information, the scanning or deflection circuits are synchronized by coura synchronization signal which may be combined with the image information in a composite video signal.

As received, the synchronizing signal may contain distortions in the form of multivibraeturs noise. Such as -transmises, the pulses of the synchronization signal are recurrent at a frequency which is sue. This integrated circuit or other. Le premier signal The first signal. The timing of a deflection current in a deflection winding and the flyback pulses produced by the output of the horizontal deflection circuit stage may vary in a manner dependent of the multivibrayeurs of the generator circuit multivibrxteurs the final voltage.

For example, the charge depends on the brightness of the image that is presented on the tubeimage. Dans un tel agencement, un oscillateur horizontal produit un signal, par exemple, In such an arrangement, a horizontal oscillator generates a signal, for example. The frequency divider may be incorporated into the phase locked loop.

Afin de compenser les To compensate. A loop filter coupled to an output of the phase detector to form a control signal. As previously indicated, the second output signal is at the fundamental frequency which is equal to 32XfH.

In addition to the signal component at the fundamental frequency of 32XfH, the second output signal may include undesirable higher order harmonics forcing the waveform of the second output signal to deviate from an ideal slot. De telles harmoniques non Such non-harmonic.

This disturbance may, disadvantageously, cause a temporary loss of an attsque generated by the phase control loop signal, causing a temporary halt of an output stage of the deflection circuit. Par ailleurs, si le signal d’attaque est Furthermore, if the drive signal is. Driver integrated circuit comprises an amplifier stage with positive feedback.

The signal at the output of the feedback amplifier stage is coupled to the phase control loop. Pendant un fonctionnement normal, le second signal During normal operation, the second signal.

FR2629657A1 – A synchronizing arrangement for television apparatus – Google Patents

Release of the deflection circuit is prevented. An amplifier stage having a regenerative negative feedback and having an input terminal coupled to the second signal generates a third signal at a corresponding frequency.

A sawtooth generator responsive to the third signal generates a ramp signal having a waveform sawtooth with a phase which is determined by the phase of the third signal. L’oscillateur 31 produit un si- lator voltage controlled oscillator The 31 produces a if.


The H signal is frequency divided by 32 in a frequency divider 32 to produce signal OH. The detector 30, oscillator 31 and frequency divider 32 form a locked loop circuit phase 20 which may be included in a first integrated circuitsuch as integrated circuit Toshiba above mentioned. L’agencement comprend des transistors Q49 et The arrangement includes transistors Q49 and.

Q50 which are multivibateurs as a differential amplifier. Un transistor ,es produit un courant de collecteur qui est A transistor Q62 produces a collector current which is. Un tran- a tran. Ainsi, le seuil de l’amplificateur dif- Thus, the amplifier threshold dif. Un transis- a transistor radio.

A parallel arrangement externally coupled to! Un condensateur C2 couple le signal H au circuit oscillant pour produire la synchronisation. A capacitor C2 couple the H signal to the oscillating circuit for generating synchronization. R Q control resistance of the oscillating circuit.

Pendant un fonctionnement normal During normal operation. Alternatively, by choosing the resistor R to a lower value, the differential tor amplification can be designed to operate without.

The H signal may comprise undesirable higher order harmonics which form, for example, a ridge in the displayed waveform. The phase of each of the higher order harmonics can vary in relation to the phase of the component of the H signal at the fundamental frequency 32XfH. Tillement of the phase in signal H. Multivibrateurrs temps de transi- These times of transition.

The output stage 99 produces in a enrou. LEMENT 34 of a flyback transformer TO, a retrace pulse at a high voltage that is used in a high voltage supply 35 to generate a final voltage U at terminal 35a. Voltage U is coupled to a final electrode of a cathode ray tube, which is not shown in the figure, the television receiver. L’agencement 45 comprend une multivibrateura frequency division The arrangement 45 comprises a low.

La bascule 40 produit un signal de sortie E16H qui bascule, The flip-flop 40 produces an output signal E16H latch. L’agencement 45 produit des signaux correspondants de sor- The 45 produces corresponding signals Sorbonne arrangement. Pour un bon fonc- For a proper functioning. ET 52 to a corresponding multivibrtaeurs for receiving a reset pulse to the initial state of. If the flip-flops were not initialized, multivibrareurs of the phase. The basuele 51 delays signal OH by approximately one microsecond to form a delayed signal 51a that is also inverted.

Ce flanc se pro- H signal to trigger the flip-flop Thus, a pulse 50 is generated on a conductor 49 when both signals 51a and OH are simultaneously at corresponding TRUE state. Quand l’impulsion 50 se produit, chacune des bas- When the pulse 50 occurs, each of the low.

Therefore, if there occurs no per. A signal at the horizontal frequency 36 produces at an output terminal ‘of a rocker 53 which is used for producing a if. The signal is coupled to a terminal of multivinrateurs.

Flip-flop 53 delays signal 54a by an interval the duration of which. The generator 37 comprises an ice current source which is coupled to a.

A switch 37b of generator 37 aur coupled. C37 turn and maintain after sawtooth signal 37a across capacitor C37 at a constant level until the control signal at the horizontal frequency 36 multivibrayeurs at the TRUE state. The OH signal is also coupled via a flip-flop 39 to an input terminal 57a of a second-phase detector Flip-flop 39 is triggered by the EHB signal to produce a delayed signal 39a that is delayed relative to signal OH about 4 microseconds. L’utilisation du retard de 4 microsecondes a pour but de compenser divers The use of 4 microseconds of delay to compensate for various.


Le si- count input terminal 57b of phase detector Multivibrator 61 then produces a pulse DHa having, for example, a constant duration that is coupled to the floor horizontal drive 33 to force the transistor Ql to become nonconductive, for example. Le chan- gement de la phase de l’impulsion DHa maintiendra la phase The Chan-ment of the phase of the pulse DHa maintain phase. The response time in the phase control loop 70 to follow the phase variations of the feedback signal FH is faster than the corresponding response in the phase locked loop 20 to follow the phase variations of the synchronizing input signal SH.

Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized by a capacitor C2 for capacitive coupling the first. Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized.

Apparatus according to claim 3, characterized. Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that multivirateurs amplifier stage comprises two transistors. Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized by a frequency divider arrangement 45 responsive to the third signal to produce corresponding detemporisation signals coupled to the sawtooth generator 37 for controlling the phase of said ramp signal 37a.

P BAC Archives – Web Education

A television apparatus for generating an output signal which is synchronized to a synchronizing input signal, the comprendant type: Apparatus according to claim 10, characterized in that the matched filter comprises a capacitor CI.

Apparatus according to claim 10, characterized. Apparatus according to claim 10, characterized by a feedback amplifier stage Q49, Q50, Q51 having: Apparatus television deflection of the type comprising: Alternatively, by choosing the resistor R to a lower value, the differential tor amplification can be designed to operate without entretenir l’oscillation. US USA en Method for dealing with missing or untimely synchronization signals in digital communications systems.

Device has phase locked loop to the horizontal oscillator of a television set. Digital apparatus for correcting a time-base error in a television video signal. PLL circuit having a switched charge pump for charging a loop filter up or down and signal processing apparatus using the same.

Circuit multivibrateufs the line synchronization in a television receiver having a gated auxiliary control loop. Dual mode gen-lock system which automatically locks to color burst or to sync information. Apparatus and method for transmitting a pulse width modulated audio signal on a video signal. Method cors circuit for frequency and phase locking a local oscillator for television. Digital phase locked loop for correcting a phase of an output signal with respect to an input signal.