R. Naudin-Ten Cate is the author of Cultuurtechnisch vademecum ( avg rating , 0 ratings, 0 reviews). REFERENCES Cultuurtechnische Vereniging, werkgroep herziening cultuurtechnisch vademecum, () Cultuurtechnisch Vademecum, Utrecht Driessen. Werkgroep Herziening Cultuurtechnisch Vademecum (in Dutch) De Bakker, H. and Van den Berg, M.W., Proceedings of the symposium on peat lands.

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Most widely held works by M Wentink. De stad verhaalt van de stad: Rotterdamse lokale identiteit en cultuur als hulpbron by Kees Fortuin Vademeucm 1 edition published in in Dutch and held by 8 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

First curve driving experiments in the Desdemona simulator: Driving curves in Desdemona: Frequency dependence of vademecm differences in visual and vestibular motion cues in a simulator: In a simulator, however, this is usually not the case. On the contrary, due to the relatively small motion space of even the largest simulators, the inertial motion cues must be filtered and scaled down considerably.

Typically, inertial motion cues are high-pass filtered and scaled down by as much as fifty to seventy percent in a flight simulator. This does not necessarily mean that the motion simulation is unnatural or unconvincing, since certain differences cultuurtecnhisch inertial and visual motion cannot be detected by the human perceptual system.


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Especially, when the visual scene has rich content with a lot of detail, high-contrast and a wide field-of-view. The maximum allowable difference between visual and inertial motion that goes undetected is defined as the visual-vestibular coherence zone. Knowledge of these coherence zones is very valuable for the development of effective simulator motion cueing. The results of the yaw motion perception experiment described in this paper provide strong indications that the coherence zone between visual and inertial yaw motion is not simply determined by a simple gain or threshold, but is frequency dependent.

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From a perception modeling point-of-view one can argue that the frequency dependency is related to the inverse dynamics of the semi-circular canals.

The experimental findings support this argument, although further research is required to determine a more precise dynamic coherence zone and to test other degrees-of-freedom. Kwaliteitsgids by D Buckers Book 1 edition published in in Dutch and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.

Present status of the Desdemona simulator: Development of the motion perception toolbox: The MPT library provides a documented set of building blocks that model human perception and are easily cultukrtechnisch to existing simulation models.

For example, when implemented behind an existing aircraft model the MPT library could be used to predict pilot motion cultukrtechnisch, or the occurrence of motion illusions. Although the implementation in the brain is certainly not a set of transfer functions or differential equations, some of the global characteristics of human behaviour can be modelled as input-output relations by mathematical transfer functions that were identified in a long tradition of human perception research.


We have tried to put together the most fundamental of these relations based on consensus in the literature and own insights. Examples of building blocks in the MPT library, explained and applied in this paper, are: The Motion Perception Toolbox offers engineers a starting point from which they can analyze the results of simulations e.

The vast vademcum of ambiguous experimental data, different physiological models, and expert opinions, seem to make it impossible to develop the universal Motion Perception Toolbox. With this in mind, we invite the AIAA community to actively participate in its development. To that end, the MPT is open source and can be downloaded from www. The simulation examples in this paper are incorporated as demos in the MPT and can also be downloaded. English 5 Dutch 3. Project Page Feedback Known Problems.