Cybelec DNC 60 PS – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cybelec DNC 60 GS – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Pictures of the Machine Says A Thousand Words. I will search for your specific Needs Continually. I’ve read Parts of these Programming and Operations.

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Cybelec DNC 60 G Machine Parameters

The DNC 60 is designed for multi application purposes. Depending on which software it is equipped, the DNC 60 can be used for synchronized or non-synchronized pressbrakes, with up-stroking cybwlec down-stroking ram and shears. The DNC 60 numerical control can control up to 4 digital axes and many auxiliary functions.

A backlight LCD display x75mm as well as a simplified keypad with large keys provide a high comfort of use comparable to a high level numerical control. Depending on the software, 4 to 11 languages are available directly in the DNC The DNC 60 is designed to be easily integrated in a control panel or in the electrical cabinet. Well designed, the housing protects the control electrically and mechanically and has its own mounting hardware. Simple commissioning as well as one single 24VDC-power supply reduce considerably the installation and cabling costs.


This program allows you to prepare your programs, calculate offers, check feasability of the parts in your office on a PC.

Cybelec DNC 60 Technical information pdf – CNC Manual

No time waisted on the machine. The 61 GCUT can also be programmed as a full numerical control, with sequences, part program, etc.

DNC 61 GCUT manages back gauge, back gauge retraction, back gauge removal and automatically adjusts rake angle, blade gap 1 or dn actuatorscutting length. The CNC can display predefined messages to the operator.

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. The keyboard with it’s large keys allows the operator to program with handgloves.

Cybelec DNC 60 Technical information

cnc Up to 11 languages are available on the DNC Numerical control for synchronized press-brakes. The DNC 60 manages in standard hydraulic or mechanical crowning system and pressure proportional valve, calculates the bend allowance, and proposes a simple page to program in seconds a part.


This control integrates all functions to fit the EC safety rules. Like DNC 60 PS, but for press-brakes with mechanical or hydraulic stops and beam control by means of a linear encoder.

The beam management with the linear encoder makes possible the automatic change of the TDC top dead centerPP pinch point in each sequence, without adjustment of switches.

Sheet Metal Technolgies Ltd.

Y, X-R or other combinations. For shears with up to maximum 4 axes.

The specific software handles all functions of this machine, like back gauge, back gauge retraction, cybelwc gauge removal, X1-X2 front gauges, free axes feeder, loader, etc.

The CNC can display predefined messages. Specifically designed for shears this numerical control is as simple to use as a “goto” system. All Rights Reserved Amtronics Australia: