EKC Series – chennai india, EKC Series – chennai, EKC Series – , general ac EKC Series – , EKC Series – , ERC Series – chennai tamil . RI8NB R INSTRUCTIONS. EKC D (B). R Type: Pt Instructions RI8NB © Danfoss 05/ EKC D. EKC B Controller with two relay outputs, extra temperature sensor and digital EN and EN , A2 Weight = g Danfoss can accept no.

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The sensor is placed in the cold air flow after the evaporator or in the warm air flow just before the evaporator. The controller controls the defrost with either natural defrost or electric defrost. Renewed cutin after defrost can be accomplished based on time or temperature. A measurement of the defrost temperature can be obtained directly through the use of an S5 sensor.

One, two or three relays will cut the required functions in and out — the application determines which: A-model for simple regulation B-model where an alarm function and possibly also a digital input will be required C-model where the defrost temperature also enjoys top priority D-model with fan function, change-over between temperature reference and case cleaning function All these four controllers are without data communication.

Natural defrost at stop of compressor. Instead of the compressor a solenoid valve may of course be connected in the liquid line. EKC B Controller with two relay outputs, extra temperature sensor and digital input. Relay output 2 can be used for alarm function or for cutin and cutout of a refrigeration step 2.

The extra temperature signal can be used for product sensor or for condenser sensor with alarm function. EKC C Controller with two relay outputs, extra temperature sensor and digital input. Relay output 2 can be used for electric defrost or for an alarm function. Temperature signal 2 can be used for defrost stop based on temperature or for product sensor. EKC D Controller with three relay outputs, two temperature sensors and digital input. Defrost is started at fixed time intervals, say, every eighth hour Refrigeration time: Icing-up will start a defrost.

Start-up After a power cut the system can be started with a defrost. All the mentioned methods can be used at random — if just one them is activated a defrost will be started. When the defrost starts the defrost timers are set at zero. A pulse signal starts the defrost Refrigeration control with two compressors The two compressors must be of the same size.

When the controller demands refrigeration it will first cut in the compressor with the shortest operating time. After the time delay the second compressor will be cut in. If the Compressor in operation is unable to lower the temperature to the cutout point, the other compressor will be cut in again. This happens when the temperature reaches the upper part of the differential.

The compressors used must be of a type that is capable of starting up against a high pressure. Digital input 2 of the controllers has a digital input which can be used for the following functions: Via three pushes on a switch you change from one phase to the next phase.

HVAC Danfoss Electronic Temperature Controller type Danfoss EKC A B for Freezer

The next push restarts refrigeration The different situations can be followed on the display. There is no temperature monitoring during case cleaning. Between two defrosts the S5 temperature will become lower the more the evaporator ices up the compressor operates for a longer time and pulls the S5 temperature further down. When the temperature passes a set allowed variation the defrost will be started.


This function can only be used in 1: Defrost During defrost a —d- is shown in the display. This view will continue up till 15 min. However the view of —d- will be discontinued if: But elc you change the value, you must have access to ranfoss menu. You obtain this by pushing the upper button for a couple of seconds – you will then enter the column with parameter codes.

Find the parameter code you want to change and push the middle buttons until value for the parameter is shown. When you have changed the value save the new value by once more pushing the middle button Examples Set menu 1.

Push the upper button until a parameter r01 is shown 2. Push the upper or the lower button and find that parameter you want to change 3. Push the middle button until the parameter value is shown 4. Push the upper or the lower button and select ekkc new value 5.

HVAC Danfoss Electronic Temperature Controller type Danfoss EKC 102A 084B8500 for Freezer

Push the middle button again to enter the value. Push the uppermost or lowermost button to scan the rolling stack. Push the middle button until the dqnfoss value is shown 2. Push the upper or the lower button and select the new value 3. A special moulding technique unites the hard front plastic, the softer buttons and the seal, so that they become an integral part of the front panel. There are no openings that can receive moisture or dirt. Select your own number. Defrosting S20 Emergency cooling S25 Manual control of danfpss S32 Delay of output at start-up non The defrost temperature cannot be displayed.

Set password Factory setting If you danfosx to return to the factory-set values, it can be done in this way: OFF-time Time delay for cutin of comp.

Control Danfoss EKC 102D 084B8506

Access code 2 partly access Save the controllers present settings to the programming key. Defrosting S15 Defrost sequence.

A controller only contains this part of the functions. Normal display Normal display shows the temperature value from the thermostat sensor Sair.

Thermostat Set point Regulation is based on the set value plus a displacement, if applicable. The value is set via a push on the centre button. The set value can be locked or limited to a range with the settings in r02 and r It will cut out again when danfosss temperature comes down to the set reference.

To avoid a too high setting of the setpoint, the max.

To avoid a too low setting of the setpoint, the min. Correction of signal from Sair Compensation possibility through long sensor cable. Stopped regulation will give a “Standby alarm”. Activation of reference displacement When the function is changed to ON the thermostat differential will be increased by the value in r Activation can also take place via input DI defined in o Activation can take place via r39 or input DI Alarm The controller can give alarm in different situations.


When there is an alarm all the light-emitting diodes LED will flash on the controller front panel Alarm delay short alarm delay If one of the two limit values is exceeded, a timer function will commence. The alarm will not become active until the set time delay has been passed. The time delay is set in minutes. Time delay for door alarm The time delay is set in minutes.

The function is defined in o Time delay for cooling long alarm delay This time delay is used during start-up recovery timeduring defrost, in the cooling phase after a defrost. There will be change-over to the normal time delay A03 when the temperature has dropped below the set upper alarm limit. Upper alarm limit Here you set when the alarm for high temperature is to start.

The limit value will be raised during night operation. The value is the same as the one set for night setback, but will only be raised if the value is positive. The limit value will also be raised in connection with reference displacement r Lower alarm limit Here you set when the alarm for low temperature is to start.

There is no alarm delay. The alarm disappears again when the temperature has dropped 10 degrees. Compressor The compressor relay works in conjunction with the thermostat. When the thermostat calls for refrigeration will the compressor relay be operated. Running times To prevent irregular operation, values can be set for the time the compressor is to run once it has been started.

And for how long it at least has to be stopped. The running times are not observed when defrosts start. ON-time in minutes Min. OFF-time in minutes Time delay for couplings of two compressors Settings indicate the time that has to elapse from the first relay cuts in and until the next relay has to cut in.

Normal function where the relay cuts in when refrigeration is demanded 1: Reversed function where the relay cuts out when refrigeration is demanded this wiring produces the result that there will be refrigeration if the supply voltage to the controller fails.

When two compressors are cut in and out the two relays will operate in opposite directions. Defrost The controller contains a timer function that is zeroset after each defrost start. The timer function starts when voltage is connected to the controller, but it is displaced the first time by the setting in d This timer function can be used as a simple way of starting defrosts, but it will always act as safety defrost if one of the subsequent defrost starts is not received.

Defrost start can also be accomplished via contact signals or manual start-up. All starting methods will function in the controller. Defrost can be accomplished with electricity or natural defrost.